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Some Questions

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Some Questions

1. Can somebody please verify the authenticity of the author of this thread?

They claim to be with HP, but that is in doubt for reasons explained there.

2. I was in my profile trying to read recent messages to assign points (I usually delete the e-mails and remember to go back later) and noted that my most recent posts weren't in my list, I had to goto more to view them. Any reason why? I've seen that on a few other profiles

3. While in my profile I also noted that I've assigned points to 135 of 124 reponses, how is that possible? Was a thread deleted?

Angela Kendal
Valued Contributor

Re: Some Questions

Hi TJ,

Thanks for bringing this thread to our notice. We'll check it out.

With regard to your missing mails and error in points, we'll see what the problem is.

Thanks for your patience.

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Gary Cantwell
Honored Contributor

Re: Some Questions

Hi TJ,

I can answer 3) for you:

The reason you've more assigned than responses is that the irrelevant replies were removed from your FAQ thread... the ones that you'd assigned 0 to. Although the hints link has since been added I wanted to keep that thread as short as possible in the event of it being used,

Cheers & thanks,


Re: Some Questions

Thanks for taking care of #1, The author now has an HP Logo.

If some of the reponses in the thread questioning the author could be deleted to make room for others that would be great.
Valued Contributor

Re: Some Questions

Hi TJ,

Regarding #2, the recent messages list in your 'main' profile page has a bug -- and does not list most recent first. That is being fixed as we write and will be out with other items in about 3-4 weeks.

As a follow up to Gary, the discrepency has to do with any replies assigned points and subsequently removed. We are updating that counter as well.

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Ronald Aung
Honored Contributor

Re: Some Questions

Adams, now look at your responses:

I have assigned points to 143 of 132 responses to my questions

143 /132 ?!?!?!?!

what happened to the rest?
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