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Some Suggestions

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Some Suggestions

1. When browsing the categorical forum list, it shows the title of the most recent post thread (which is nice) ... It would be even better if it also showed a date/time for that most recent post thread.  As is, users cannot tell if the forum/post/thread has changed until AFTER the user enters that particular forum category.  Showing a date/time would be nice.


2. I'd like to see an option to get a daily summary of new forum posts, not just new posts to threads I've subscribed to or posted in.The old forum system would send people (if they wanted it) a daily summary/listing of the new posts that were made the previous day.  Many of us are quite busy at our jobs and spending time repeatedly during the day to browse the forums to find new posts that have been made ... can be a serious loss of time.  I liked how I would get (with the old forum) a daily summary listing of the new posts that had been made and could chime in on those posts if I a) had the time or b) was interested in the subject.  With the new forum, I have to come and browse in order to find new posts.  --- On the side, being able to get RSS feeds is great, but not every computer I'm at is setup to pull the RSS feeds (I'm at several computers on a given day) and the new forum design is ... "dicey" ... on my iPod Touch.   -- The option for a daily summary of new posts (regardless what threads I've subscribed to) would be nice.


Rainald T
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Re: Some Suggestions / Daily Notifications

Thanks for pointing to the problem with the loss of "Daily Notifications".


This had been one of the most important features.


I seriously hope that the feature will be re-enabled






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Re: Some Suggestions / Daily Notifications

Regarding daily notifications - there is an option in your profile (Profile -> Subscriptions & Bookmarks) to receive a daily or weekly "digest" for all of your subscriptions.  The default is to only receive those for your own threads - if you're looking for a 'wider" overview, you can browse to any particular forum/board, click the "Board Options" pull-down (next to the New Message button), and select "Subscribe".


You do have to select a single immediate/daily/weekly option for email notifications - but If RSS feeds give you what you need for your own threads, then you can use the email-based system for your daily overviews.

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