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Sticky Forum Topics

lim leong
Respected Contributor

Sticky Forum Topics


Is there a way to make some topics sticky like like some other forums did?

There are a zillion similar questions on "Vista to XP" and "WiFi Blue Light Special on AMD/Broadcom machines" which should have been sticky topics instead of having forum members answer the same questions over and over again.

Cheryl G.
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Sticky Forum Topics

This is actually something that I have suggested,though nothing concrete as yet.We are supposed to be getting new forum software sometime in the next few months I am told,and improvements to performance_yay!
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lim leong
Respected Contributor

Re: Sticky Forum Topics


Thanks for the clarification.

I must say the HP forum is pretty arcane compared to others (like vBulletin for example)

Let's hope the new software will be released soon.
Frequent Advisor

Re: Sticky Forum Topics

I agree with the need for a 'sticky' function. However, given all the problems with HP, the list will likely be a long 'sticky mess'.

I am not sure what many people would do without this forum to guide them through all of the HP problems.