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Thread deletion

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Occasional Contributor

Thread deletion

I am trying to minimise my Google footprint- would it be possible to have these two threads which I started many years ago deleted:


The issue was long resolved (I got rid of the laptop and kept the hard drive).


I would also like to have this thread deleted and this account deleted if possible, or at the very least learn how to get my real name hidden from view if possible.


Regards and thanks in advance.


Trusted Contributor

Re: Thread deletion

Hi Jack,

Thanks for participating in Forums!


We understand your concerns of deleting the two threads as your problem is been solved long back. But as it is a public discussion area , it will be of help to others who are facing this sort of problems.


Kindly let us know your feedback on this.


Thanks & Regards,


Forums Moderator

Forum Moderator
Occasional Contributor

Re: Thread deletion

That's fine, I understand. Thank you for all your help!