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Time on messages is incorrect

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Frank Kaufman
Honored Contributor

Time on messages is incorrect

When I post a message, the time shown is three hours ahead of reality. I am in Toronto, on Eastern Time. If I post a message at 3pm (our time), the message shows up as posted at 6pm. That is Mid-Atlantic time zone, and I am definitely not sending from a ship. {-:
Honored Contributor

Re: Time on messages is incorrect

Hi Frank,

These forums work on Greenwich Mean Time, so I think what you're seeing is accurate. Let me know if you still see a problem.

Thanks for all of your forum participation!

Take care,

Forum Mgr
Frank Kaufman
Honored Contributor

Re: Time on messages is incorrect

I am on GMT-5

The postings appear to be GMT-2

I will double check it to be sure.