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Troubles with HP Passport Log In Process and Using Help Forums

Honored Contributor

Troubles with HP Passport Log In Process and Using Help Forums

I can only speak for myself, but the HP Passport log-in system seems totally inept to me. What could be my problem, or is it my problem at all? Perhaps some changes need to be made:

1. Almost every time I come back to provide assistance to a person that posted a problem, pressing the Reply button results in yet another request to log in using HP Passport. When I am able to log in, I'm usually taken to the page that lists the HP Forums rather than back to the thread and the Reply To window. Then ...

... when I press the Back button in my browser, I'm often taken to the home page rather than back to the thread to which I wanted to reply. If it isn't HP's home page, it's some other unrelated web page. About the only reliable way to get back to the thread is to close the current tabs in my browser and then click on the link to the thread in the New HP Forum Discussions email message. This usually works, and then *usually* I find that my log in was successful. But this is a lot of hoops to jump through.

3. The HP Passport Log In pages often have a different colored stripe (red, green or blue) on the page. I cannot tell if this is supposed to mean anything or not. Are these different-appearing Log In pages functionally the same?

4. The "Remember Me on This Computer" check box does nothing to make logging in any easier. It doesn't seem to have *any* effect on the HP Passport Log In process.

5. Often, after clicking the Submit button when I'm finally able to reply to a forum user's problem, I get an message that the site is unavailable. In other words, I am unable to get an acknowledgment that the Submission was received.

I do not understand why helping others should be so difficult because of these roadblocks.

Just now, when I hit the Submit button, I was taken to's home page. WHY ????

After three tries and being taken to HP's home page, I decided to go the Preview window and try submitting from there. When I did, I was then taken to the Business Support Forums page. I came back here to add this information and then tried it again. This time, twice in fact, I received an "Error when posting this message" response. Then, from the Post New Message page, I tried Submit again and was again taken to the Business Forums Support page.

If I'm lucky, I'll eventually be able to post this message.
Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor