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I must say , I am glad to have discovered this forum , where knowledgeable and helpful people leap in with whatever assistance they can offer .even where the suggestion/info is not correct it has more than once has lead me to the solution .the point is , everyone tries to help !
so it really gets up my nose when people start a thread and then dissappear .
can I commend to people that , if they start a thread , they give it closure ? surely it is common courtesy , is it not ?
for all contributors to gain the maximum from the time invested, knowing what worked and what did not is essential .

Gary Cantwell
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Hi Grayson,

Thanks for your comments, all question authors get emails each time someone replies to their question, and we do encourage them to return and let us know how they got on,





I have been thinking, it would be nice if next to the authors name or something we could see if they have logged in recently, not just posted, so we know if the thread should be treated as active.

After a day should be sufficent before the icon disapeers. I've seen quite a few threads that have gotten "hijacked" with no purpose because their authors have disapeered or shown no further interest.

Also instead of making the Send E-mail anytime somebody replies an option for the original author, make it mandatory. I've actually had quite a few people post things after I've left the thread helping them, that I have no clue what is being said because I don't check that and I imagine quite a few authors decheck it simply because they think they will get too many e-mails. I can think of one case where the author came back every three or four hours pleaing for help, and after a day I would rediscover the thread. While the author still needed help, it was being buried in other threads that were not followed up on, despite being bumped.

Also if somebody else has come along, and the problem has helped them, have a option similar to the White Papers, this thread has helped me.

Even to the point that without assigning points a bunny would appear to let others know that the answer was found.

And to avoid some of the problems that came up with points, when somebody has assigned 8-10 points, Simply cut off the question. Allow only one further repsonse, that of the author, and leave a message that the problem has been solved, and if there are any further questions to start a new thread. This will also let people know who assign everybody 10 points what the purpose is of the points system.

Despite the advertisement I have had several responses like "Thanks for the help, I would give you points if I knew how" and from there I have simply replied with the FAQ on Points printed and usually get a response.

A lot of stuff that didn't necessarily fit the original topic, and I don't mean to change the meaning of the thread, but hopefully something will come of it.

Thanks again Gary,

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At this time, there is no formal way to close a thread, so we encourage posters to come back and add a note of how the issue was resolved or end the thread with a note that states "this thread now closed" so that other user's do not repeatedly call up the thread or hijack the thread.

Unfortunately many posters disappear once they get their issue resolved.
"Downtime is a Crime."
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cheryl , perhaps the solution is to look for the best result possible , not the best possible result !
maybe all threads should be closed after 2 weeks ; if someone wishes to post thereafter , they would have to use a special pathe entitled re-opening of ......etc.
or... all authors to be responsible for closing threads ;maybe an auto email demanding a decision. if they do not reply , they have to re-register......

sure there must be better suggestions than mine, but , for sure , action is needed

Ronald Aung
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I already mentioned the "2-week timeout" here:

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