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URL turning forum crazy ???

Al Exmend
Trusted Contributor

URL turning forum crazy ???

Hi to all!

I tried to paste a url on this thread and now I think I made a horrible "boo boo"

The question:

As you can see now the table on the forum appears altered due to this url... I used "tinyurl" to paste it in the thread but I think someway the original reply with the url made some "interference" with the forum... =(

I'm terribly sorry and if you guys could look at it would be very helpful.

Re: URL turning forum crazy ???


I don't think that's due to TinyUrl, but I think Dan is going to be the only one that can tell you for sure.

I'm sure he will have fun with it though.
I seriously doubt that they mind or that this is an inconvience as this allows HP to see some potetnial bugs and get them worked out before they become a problem. If anything the mods will be thankful that this came up.

Good Luck
Gary Cantwell
Honored Contributor

Re: URL turning forum crazy ???

Hi Al,

Thanks for reporting it.

What causes that formatting problem is urls with an "=" at the end.. only Internet Explorer, I've removed them.. the links still work.

The lab are working on a fix,

Thanks again,

Al Exmend
Trusted Contributor

Re: URL turning forum crazy ???

Thanx Gary,

I'm sorry, I didn't know about the "=", but will take a note about it...