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Unification needed

Rainald T
Honored Contributor

Unification needed

Hi all,

For a very long time I have been suffering from the seperation of "IRTC" on the one side and "Business Support" OTH.

Tonight I became really angry. It just needed a spark to reach the explosives.

Below pls find my most angry posting in thread
"Who at HP can help me get a Forum for my product?"


|| Changes to the Forums take ice ages to happen.

Only too true!
It's just awful.

It seems lightyears ago that we have been promised that a new scheme of forum patterns would be introduced and the old - really absurd - separation of the old/traditional "ITRC-"and the "Business Support-" fora would be abolished.


Things stay as grotesque as they have been for only too long.

The persons responsible for the fora are not even able to integrate the "points"-system and the most primitive issue of just using the same icons for the ITRC area as well as in the "Business Support" areas.

Simply Ridiculous.

It's the more ridiculous if one looks at what true volunteers are able to do even with "statics" ;-)

This person (being the undoubted No. 3 helper in the "Mobile products" area and the ways ahead helper in the "notebooks - N-Series, Armada, EVO, LTE, Tablet PC" section ) seriously doubts that the persons responsible for the fora might really care.

IMHO it could not be a real problem at all to *integrate* the fora.
What has happened in the last months was the opposite of that. The new scheme of "HP Passport" has even deepened the mout...

Simply ridiculous.

The fact that nothing does happen and absolutely nothing has to be seen in so far for quite a long period of time (although promised countless times) - leads me to the conclusion that

(a) Nobody really cares
(b) HP might not have enough technological know-how to set up a system of unified fora.

I'd seriously doubt the latter.

Is really nobody *willing* to change the situation?

The way it is right now is a real mess.
It has to be changed.
The sooner, the better.

Pls accept this eruption based on permanent efforts to help on the one side and nothing happening OTH.
If true frustration on absolutely nothing happening appears to be too strong in so far, pls start thinking.

I guess that it's not necessary to explain in detail why I am that frustrated.
I've been doing my best to help for quite some time.
Looking at the "scores", you might be able to see that this not just Mr. Nobody speaking.

Please do something.
As said above: It's just awful.