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Using these forums questions not covered in FAQ's

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Using these forums questions not covered in FAQ's

I have two questions about these forums, and neither seems to be answered in the FAQ's:

1. How do you "hide" your email address in your forum public profile??

I've looked at some other profiles, and I've seen that they're absent the email address, so it looks like it CAN be done. But I tried to edit my profile and when I deleted my email address and hit "Submit", it always comes back with the "demand" that I supply a "valid email address".

and 2. How do I edit a post AFTER it has been submitted.

I see an edit button when I'm drafting, but none shows up when I submit the final post. Is it NOT possible to edit a submitted post?
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Re: Using these forums questions not covered in FAQ's

1. When you are logged in, you can see your email address when you review your profile, but no-one else can.

2. Unfortunately, there is no way to edit a thread after you've submitted it. If there's something terribly wrong with the thread, you can post a request here for a moderator to edit your thread for you....somewhat backwards, isn't it?

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