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Very annoying Survey prompt

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Very annoying Survey prompt

Just a bit of feedback and perhaps a request. Can somebody get rid of that annoying survey pops window that has no Close button on it? It pops up, I clicked No this time around and clicked Submit, and it just sits there. It can't be resized, closed, or moved so one has to leave the web page and come back again. I'm using IE8 and I know HP's websites are not fully IE8 compatible yet but that's not my concern. :)

Also perhaps some logic can be applied to the seruvey design itself. Instead of prompting me every 5 times I come to the forums, how about it detects my login name, realizes I've already filled the survey out, and leave me alone? It's ironic that the survey itself is the most annoying part of the forusm - otherwise the forusm are pretty good.

Well, actually one other thing. Why does the "busiess support forum" of the Business Support Center look almost identical to that of the IT REsource Center, yet are completely different forums? Example: I want to go to a Laserjet forum - in BSC it's "printrs - laserjet" (very straightforward), yet in ITRC it's something like "printers black & White) or something like that anyway - either way you would think they both go to he same forum but they don't, yet both seem to be for "business".

I'm sure I'm not the only one with this complaint posted but imagine how many are out here that don't post. Thank you for trying to mak ethis a good forum though, and for providing a method for feedback.
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Re: Very annoying Survey prompt


AFAIK, BSC forums includes people such as business users, telecommuters, owners of small and medium-size businesses; whereas ITRC forums are intended for enterprise support customers - As you said I can see a replication of categories in both forums - Hope HP will fix this soon.


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Re: Very annoying Survey prompt

hi i get that repeat request for the survey and although i have done and declined it many times still it comes back did you manage to solve this annoying survey please message me at