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Why can't I post ?

Old Armada
Occasional Contributor

Why can't I post ?

Hi all:

For 15 days now I have been trying to post something and I always get a message

I tried 5 different networks to post and I always get the same message.

The post was written in Word first. fearing that this might be the reason, I saved it as .txt and tried again.

No avail. I tried this by hand just to test if I can get through.

Any FAQ where I can try to solve this problem

All the best

What does this mean ?
Honored Contributor

Re: Why can't I post ?


You can now. I've got a bit better, the successful ratio is around 85% even using very high speed pipe at work.

What I can say, try again next 5 or 10 minutes.


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Occasional Contributor

Re: Why can't I post ?

I must be stupid, can't even find a screen that alows posting here....

Dennis Handly
Acclaimed Contributor

Re: Why can't I post?

At the top of each Board is a New Post button.