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need to know age by serial number

joe denton
Occasional Visitor

need to know age by serial number

Is there a way to find out a products age by it's serial number? We are esp. interested in laptops. We have quite a few and it would help our asset database to be able to figure when we assign a unit a date for "end of useful life".

Gary Cantwell
Honored Contributor

Re: need to know age by serial number

Hi Joe,

Yes there is, the serial number includes the year of manufacture in it. eg, FRB4180MRD

The first 2 letters are the country of manufacture - in this example that's France.

The first number is the year of manufacture, in this case it's 2004

Hope this helps,

tomi aman
Occasional Visitor

Re: need to know age by serial number


does this method you've described also apply to HP servers? their serial numbers are disimilar to the example you gave..
For example what would be the year of manufacture of an HP DL 560 rack server withserial number 8029kzh624?