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new forum user process tedious and 'forgetful'

T Brooks
Occasional Contributor

new forum user process tedious and 'forgetful'

I find the forum to be a very useful place to exchange information about HP products with other users and HP customer support and engineers.

However, I am very glad that I am in the habit of clicking 'open link in new window', especially whenever I am asked to create a user account and then log in.

I found the forum path,

"IT resource center forums > multifunction, copiers, & fax products > color multifunction >"

and posted a message there today.

However, before I could do so I was asked to create a login. This is normal and acceptable.

After I did so, I was not returned to the forum path that I entered from. That's poor site design.

Furthermore, when I attempted to click "New Message" once more, THIS time I was asked to make up a 'profile' about myself! Hoo-dee-doo! I'll pick an action figure, list my certs, and my favorite Plato quote. (I am certain that you care!)

AGAIN, when I submitted the profile information, the site prompty forgot that I was attempting to post a message, AND forgot the forum path where I was trying to do so. Grrrr.

(Yes, cookies are enabled and I was already logged in, etc.)

Additionally, I would be interested to know what percentage of users sign into the website and only pursue one issue (with possible multiple responses) as opposed to what percentage are well on their way to becoming "ITRC Olympians". (My sincerest congrats... ?)

(If I'm an incoming new forum user with a gripe on my mind, do I really want to spend time telling y'all about myself? Of course I'll pick the guy going, "@$#$@#"!!!)

Perhaps the site could be a little less intrusive and only ask users to complete their profile after their second or third original post (e.g. not replies to their first issue), and to simply have the profile be a link to the side which a user can 'opt in' to fill out otherwise.


T. Brook
"Upon the plains of hesitation lie the bleached bones of countless thousands who, upon the dawn of victory, stopped to rest; and in resting, died" -- Plato
Honored Contributor

Re: new forum user process tedious and 'forgetful'

Hi T,

Thank you for posting your forum feedback; it is greatly appreciated and has been passed to the software developers of this forum.

I hope you find the forums useful!

Forum Administrator