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web indexing of forums

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web indexing of forums

It looks like forum message contents are not getting indexed by web search engines such as Google. If forum message contents are indexed, it would be easier for users to help themselves when looking for solutions to problems.

Take, for example, this message at . Google found the title, ‘Disable autologon on a T5700’ but Google did not find a group of words inside this message such as ‘procedure autologon feature T5700 thin client’. My Google-desktop search engine found the contents in my computer’s cache only after I already visited the page. Google did not find it on the web.

The message contents are probably in a database and the messages are probably retrieved and rendered by something like php. If this is true, then database contents can’t be indexed by a web search engine. Two possible solutions: place any rendered pages in a cache on the server that Google can index, If the forum software is something like phpbbs, then the software vendor might already have an elegant solution to allow web search engines to index message content.

I, of course, use the forum search which is better than nothing. The foru
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Re: web indexing of forums

I find forum urls frequently in the internet when searching beyond the forum. It's a hit 'n miss situation.

Have you ever looked for a solution, found a page, clicked on the url and learned it's the same page? I've had it happen recently.