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Cannot search within PDF in website


Cannot search within PDF in website

I cannot search text within PDF like this:

I press Ctrl+F and try to search some text but it won't find it.




The problem is that the PDF is embedded in an IFRAME, and Chrome cannot search in that case.


There are different ways of fixing this:

  • Use a single HTML page instead of an IFRAME.
  • Provide a direct link to the PDF, but I think HP prefers not to use that approach to avoid people bookmarking outdated versions of the document.
  • Like before, allow direct links to PDF but only temporarily (eg: for 1 hour). Once the link expires it would redirect to the main page again.
  • Include a link to the HTML equivalent version (but not sure if all PDF have an equivalente HTML version page).
  • Begging Chrome devs to support searching within embeds.


More ideas? Is HP aware of this?



Re: Cannot search within PDF in website

In the meanwhile I made a browser script to enable a direct link to the PDF.


It's 4 just lines of javascript, should work in Chrome and Firefox, you can ask for it if you want.

Re: Cannot search within PDF in website

You might want to provide that feedback on the webpage where you found that PDF.

Re: Cannot search within PDF in website

I went to Support options and the most sensible of them was this forum.


Now I found another link called "Site help" with finally took me to a site feedback form.


Thank you.