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HP Support

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HP Support

I am looking for an official guide to using HP Support. Does anyone have one?
Steven E. Protter
Exalted Contributor

Re: HP Support


Official guide?

Never heard of such a thing to be honest.

Either use the web or response center, call for help ask a question.

Technically the system you discuss is supposed to be under software support. There are some docs that come with the contracts.

Steven E Protter
Owner of ISN Corporation
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Re: HP Support


just call the number mentioned in your contract or use ITRC. Where is the problem?

Hope this helps!

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Jaime Bolanos Rojas.
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Re: HP Support


Most people use this number 800 633 3600 to get support on almost every thing that you need, from printes to software.

Get to know the phone system around, call in, see how it works or use the links in the ITRC site they are very good also.


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Chuck Ciesinski
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Re: HP Support


Like Stephen, Never heard of an 'Official Guide'. I would think that the 'T's and C's' of you contract with HP are the guideline. If nothing else, remember to tell that that YOU are the paying customer and you are always right.

$$$$$ talks.

Chuck Ciesinski
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Court Campbell
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Re: HP Support

Here is the official guide:

1. Find out if you have a software or hardware support contract.

2. Call HP Support. 800-633-3600.

3. Answer the questions asked by the automated system.

4. Relax and feel good that HP has some great technical people to assist you.
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