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In search of contact information

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In search of contact information

Hi all!


My company develops software for orthodontists and we exclusively recommend HP printers to all of our clients.  I had an issue where I needed to call tech support for the first time since we changed all of our reports to work with HP drivers 10 years ago and was shocked at the total lack of support I received.  I was hung up on twice while being "transferred" and then was treated extremely rudely and did not get the support I needed.  I am looking everywhere on the web site for somewhere I can email to complain but can find nothing unless it's product specific or I want to send a message to the CEO.  If someone could point me in the right direction, I would appreciate it because I am on the verge of telling all of our offices and universities that HP printers are no longer supported with our software.  Thanks!



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Re: In search of contact information



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Kindly let us know your product name and its issue in details so that we can escalate it to the apporpriate tech support levels.


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Re: In search of contact information


if you are located in Germany you can send your email to, they will take care of it.