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Live-Chat isn't working.... :(

Reimar Fritz
Occasional Contributor

Live-Chat isn't working.... :(

Hi, i don't know if this is the right Forum...

but... i have i question, which i asked here, but no1 could help me, so i tried the live-chat...

it isn't working?! or, got only i this problem?!
Gary Cantwell
Honored Contributor

Re: Live-Chat isn't working.... :(


Are you still having this problem? Do you get any errors?


Syed Tasneem
Trusted Contributor

Re: Live-Chat isn't working.... :(

Hi Reimar,

sometimes if the chat will take 30-45 minutes to load. may be due to long ques.
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ssk santhosh
Occasional Visitor

Re: Live-Chat isn't working.... :(


it working.plz send me compaq6720s with support win 2003 server drivers.
Vajith V

Re: Live-Chat isn't working.... :(

Hi Santhosh,

Welcome HP Forums.

You could also ask this one over in the "notebook - HP Compaq, Armada, EVO, LTE, Tablet PC" category . Given below is the link for the same:〈=en&prodTypeId=321957&categoryId=274

The experts there will have some suggestions for you.

Good Luck,
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