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Unable to check warranty status

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Unable to check warranty status


i have purchased HPE Drives online . i am unable to check warrenty status. could you please help me to find out warrenty status of drives.

HPE Model : EH000600JWCPL

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Re: Unable to check warranty status


As your submission relates to "warranty check" we forwarded it (ref #IN200127062301) to our site support team so they can investigate further. We asked that they contact you.

We value your feedback as we continue to improve the support experience for all HPE users.

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Re: Unable to check warranty status

Agreed this is something that we really need, HPe has had our warranties missed up for years.  We are finially getting close but need to be able to compare the warranty start and end dates from our system to HPe to verify that HPe is getting it right moving forward and finish up the few 100 remaining issues before a hardware repair is needed.  We have had 100s of tickets get regetted because HPe had the wrong information wrong and it really delays service.