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Diversity is key at Hewlett Packard Enterprise

Happy people always make the difference, because there’s a tight connection between creativity and positive emotions. My happiness comes from being married with my beloved wife and working at Hewlett Packard Enterprise. That’s where I get my inspiration and creativity from.


Mehmood Khalid and his wife - Cibele MehmoodMehmood Khalid and his wife - Cibele Mehmood

My name is Khalid Mehmood, Pakistani, Muslim, happily married, an HPE Employee, currently living in Brazil, where the Muslim community is very small. Moving to Brazil has been a new experience, but I’m very happy that I have succeeded to adapt. With my family and friends’ love and support, our faith and religion, and with the support of my HPE team, I’ve made my dreams come true!



How it all started
Sometimes in our lives, we must face several obstacles and difficulties. You should have faith, be positive and be supported by the ones you love, to be able to overcome them.

One of the first challenges for us, when we decided to move to Brazil, was gathering documents, getting everything ready to apply for a residence permit in Brazil. We had to put a lot of time and effort into finalizing our personal documentation, but, after waiting for quite some time, we finally got our Brazilian paper work. It was time to make our dreams come true!

The second obstacle was finding a good job. After a few months of applying and waiting to be called, with hope and trust, I got a job in Hewlett Packard Enterprise (and the most incredible thing was that I always thought of HPE as the dream company to work in).

The third challenge I had to overcome was when the month of Ramadan started. For Muslims, this is a very important and holy month, when Muslims all around the world follow religious traditions. My management in HPE understood my situation and what Ramadan means for me and my family. I felt very safe and comfortable, especially as I was given flexibility to follow the Ramadan and respect the traditions.

Living my dream
My life is now full of blessings, because I married the love of my life, I got a good job in my dream company, I am a dedicated professional, and I want to make a difference, putting in practice my professional skills, in order to achieve my goals.

Khalid Mehmood and his HPE Technical support teamKhalid Mehmood and his HPE Technical support team

Throughout my career with Hewlett Packard Enterprise, I have found out a few key learnings:

  • Respect: HPE respects diversity
  • Trust: HPE trust on our potential and capacities as professionals
  • Commitment: HPE sees its employees not as service providers, but as fueling the company from within. My management understands the needs and peculiarities of each individual, and considers each one of us an important piece to the proper functioning of the company.
  • Teamwork and partnership: In HPE, leaders and teams have the desire of work together.

Khalid Mehmood and his colleagues in HPE BrazilKhalid Mehmood and his colleagues in HPE Brazil


I’m a person that believes that the respect for human beings is critical to make the world a better place to live in, and the companies that own those values deserve worldwide recognition! In HPE, I have found the perfect place to be myself and feel integrated into a community of great people.

If you want to join a technical support team in HPE, don’t forget to search and apply for one of the available opportunities, on our HPE Careers website:!

12832392_1553139321645792_5377919564429540622_n.pngAbout the Author
Mehmood Khalidis part of the HPE Technical Support team, in the EG Technology Services organization, and he is based in Brazil. He graduated in Computer Science, IT Engineering. He speaks fluently 9 languages. He has worked and lived in several countries: Saudi Arabia, Pakistan, Qatar, UAE and currently, is located in Brazil. If you want to connect with Khalid, you can find him on LinkedIn.




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Austin Copper

After reading this post I startrd believeing Hewlett Packard Diversity. They must be proud to be a part of HP.



ajit bhakta

Diversity at workplace is key to success as it alows new skills and innovation, decision making, personality development, satisfaction and financial gains too.  We cant have a better example of Diversity at workplace that is practiced by HPE. Great .


Diversity is an important factor for the growth of a company. it helps in imroving skills and working environment between employees.

Mandy Singh

In this era of technology and globalisation, many companies are making an effort to succeed in cultural diversity in the workplace.

There are some very positive benefits that can be hard from having a more diverse workforce. Let’s discuss eight amazing benefits to individuals and employing companies;

Increased productivity
Improved creativity
Increased profits
Improved employee engagement
Reduced employee turnover
Improved company reputation
Wider range of skills
Improves cultural insights