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How IT decision-makers are impacting business IT automation

Guest blog by Bill Kleyman

Modern IT decision-makers are (finally) becoming more aware of the big benefits brought by IT automation.

There is a huge tie between business operations and IT capabilities. Through that unification, automation has helped both business and IT leaders become more competitive and much more efficient. Those IT decision-makers that see automation as a direct business enabler will be the ones who not only help their own careers, but also help their organizations succeed in the digital marketplace.

But how do IT decision-makers use this kind of technology to enable their organizations—and how can it help both their careers and the overall industry?



The IT decision-maker: A profile

Today's IT decision-maker (ITDM) is a direct part of the business. You're involved with daily operations, you know what's housed in your data center, and you're aware of critical applications and how they're being delivered. Most of all: You have clear communication with executive and business leaders.

The ITDM knows their technology platform is a direct enabler of the business, but there's always the question of, "What else can be done to optimize?" To become a change agent for an organization, ITDMs must adopt technologies that bridge IT and business operations. This means leveraging platforms that align with critical applications, users, and entire business processes.

 ITDM change agents can clearly define new technology paths for their business leaders and show where technology becomes a driving force. So, how do you accomplish this? How can emerging ITDMs become change agents for the business? Use smart technologies that help automate operations and evolve the entire IT delivery process.

Automation hard at work for ITDMs

In understanding how automation is impacting business operations, key IT decision-makers must show there are indeed big benefits to the organization. In fact, automation is a process that can completely transform the entire business. You just need to prove it.

 Leading ITDMs can show their business how automation:

  • reduces risk related to unknown gaps in coverage
  • increases the ease of doing business with partners and customers (both internal and external)
  • lowers costs through simplified processes and improved delivery
  • enhances software and network security
  • assists with industry regulation compliance

How automation helps transform the ITDM

In the past, running the business and making sure IT was functioning were two separate processes. Now, one can't really work without the other, and IT is the enabler for modern business operations.

The ITDM who understands the power of automation for their business not only optimizes the delivery of critical resources—they also help the business. Most of all, these ITDMs become powerful parts of the organization and can actually transform their own careers from simply "IT folks" into "business leaders."

In using modern automation and orchestration tools, here's what leading ITDMs can agree on:

  1. You learn the language of the business. Which services are required? Which applications need more resources? Or, which users require additional support? You begin to understand the requirements of the entire business—as well as individual business units.
  2. You understand where there can be direct optimizations. When a piece of the business isn't operating at full efficiency, you can drag down overall operations. IT automation enables organizations to push resources to the business unit that requires them.
  3. You positively impact the end-user. Your users are mobile, digitized, and constantly evolving. Automation processes specifically enable application, workload, and resource delivery—all optimized to how the user interacts with their business resources.
  4. You create proactive forecasting capabilities. Automation allows companies to be truly proactive. You can utilize metrics around your business to see where you require additional resources or infrastructure components. The great part is that you can use data wrapped around both IT and business processes to make solid decisions.
  5. You respond faster to market demands. Today's digital market is constantly evolving. Automation allows your IT infrastructure and your business environment to act together and respond to very dynamic market demands. This means new product delivery, better BYO support, and even improved competitive positioning—all driven by automation technologies.

Overall, those in IT that can help enable the business will become critical assets to the entire organization. And IT automation is the engine that creates powerful workflow processes, delivers analytics and key data points, and helps businesses make better decisions. Moving forward, IT decision-makers will leverage automation as the mechanism to drive the business forward.




Bill Kleyman.  Thanks for stopping by and checking out my profile! I'm an enthusiastic technologist with experience in data center design, management, and deployment. My architecture work includes large virtualization and cloud deployments as well as business network design and implementation. Most of all, I enjoy writing, blogging, and educating colleagues around everything that is technology. During the day, I'm the Vice President of Strategy and Innovation at MTM Technologies, where I interact with enterprise organizations and helps align IT strategies with direct business goals. Many of my whitepapers, articles, video blogs and podcasts have been published and referenced on WindowsITPro, Data Center Knowledge, InformationWeek, NetworkComputing, TechTarget, DarkReading, CBS Interactive, Slashdot, and many others. Most recently, I was ranked #16 globally in the Onalytica study which reviewed the top 100 most influential individuals in the cloud landscape; and #4 in a different Onalytica study reviewing the industry's top Data Security Experts. I hold a BS in Network and Communication Management, and MBA concentrating in Marketing, and an MISM concentrating in Security. Outside of that - I love playing the piano, playing around with new technology (especially IoT and home automation), practicing martial arts (Tae Kwon Do), and traveling!

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