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Act Now: Upgrade from Windows Server 2008 wisely and economically

You are probably tired of hearing about the end of support for Windows Server 2008.  You know you have to do something about it and migrate to a newer, supported, generation of Windows Server such as Windows Server 2016 or Windows Server 2019 running on HPE Gen10 servers… but you're wondering where the budget will come from.

HPE Financial Services offers several programs that will help you fund the upgrade – including servers, storage, networking, services and operating systems too.  By working with HPE Financial Services, you can methodically plan for your upgrade to HPE Gen10 in a manner that fits with your business and budget goals seamlessly.

HPE Subscription:
- Choose custom solution including hardware, software and support services 
- Pay a monthly subscription for 36 months  
- At the end of term: Renew, return, or extend 

HPE Technology Refresh:
- Choose custom solution including hardware, software and support services
- Predictable monthly or quarterly payments over 24 or 36, or up to 60 months
- At the end of term: Renew, return, or buy out

HPE Accelerated Migration:
- HPEFS buys your existing infrastructure but you continue to use it in exchange for a monthly payment
- Now you have a timeline to plan for your transition and additional cash to help fund it
- Migrate when your business is ready; enjoy interrupted access to your technology in the meantime

Deferred payment:
- Acquire your new HPE Server now but don’t start payments for 90 days

Windows Server 2008 End of Support (EoS) is coming and you can do something about it! The clock is ticking – don’t let things get down to the wire.  Migrating takes best case 6-9 months to do, so you need to get started now. You can also leverage HPE’s pre-defined, tested and validated Small Business Solutions and migrate with ease and confidence.  

For more information on EOS, go to this website and watch this Ask the HPE IT Expert: HPE Financial Services video.

Meet our Guest Blogger: 

SanSan Strozier is a Solutions Marketing Manager for the Small and Midsized Segment at Hewlett Packard Enterprise who blogs on topics of interest for Servers and Solutions.

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