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Alpha 1000A won't boot/stopped displaying video!

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Alpha 1000A won't boot/stopped displaying video!


I`m sorry if I posted this on a wrong forum.
Here's my problem: I have an alpha 1000A/266 server that for some months now stopped displaying video. The machine turns on, I can see the self-test lights on the hard disks lighting up (as well as the tape, floppy, cdrom, etc) but the monitor does not light up. It does not beep at all, and from what I can tell from the disk leds it does not continue to boot. However occasionally something happens and I do get video/proper booting when I turn it up, but thats rare.

Any ideas?

P.S.: Prior to that I also got error messages of the type "Processor corrected error" and the OS would freeze (I've witnessed this with NetBSD and Tru64 v5 but not with OpenVMS 7.3 or debian etch).




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Re: Alpha 1000A won't boot/stopped displaying video!

Same happened to me with a DS20 - no console output for many months, then when eventually rebooted it hung during boot process.
Eventually I moved the graphics card to another pci slot, and hey presto!

have fun,

Have fun,

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