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Alpha PWS 500au - SRM console

Occasional Contributor

Alpha PWS 500au - SRM console

Hi All,

I'm not sure this is the right forum but didn't find any more suitable one...

Here we go...I have a PWS Alpha 500au running Red Hat Alpha/Linux 7.2 with the SRM option 'set auto_action BOOT'

That means the workstation boots the OS automaticaly...

Now I want to do a fresh install of HP Tru64 UNIX (ver. 5.1b) and to do that I need to go back into the SRM console!

There is no Halt button on this kind of workstation (only on Alpha servers...) and the ctrl+c doesn't work at boot time...I'm stuck !

Anyone knows a workaround, a magic ctrl+..., any tricks to go back into the SRM console !?

Any help would be greatly appreciated !



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