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Alpha Server 4100 showing blank screen

Occasional Advisor

Alpha Server 4100 showing blank screen


I have an Alpha 4100 with 3 failed HDD's.  If I connect to console serially, I can get to SRM console (>>>) and can do the usual commands.  However, when connected to a monitor, only a blue screen was showing with a blinking cursor.  Pressing keys on the keyboard doesn't show any response.  I tried reseating the VGA card, and now the monitor isn't even switching on (it just says no VGA signal).  Again, I can get to SRM console when connected serially. 


I have already verified that the variable console is set to "graphics" and when I do a "show bios" I can see the vga card being listed.  I tried running the "test" command, but i revealed no information about the VGA  card.

Could this no-console output on VGA monitor be related to the failed HDD's or is related to a failed VGA card?




Re: Alpha Server 4100 showing blank screen

If the console is set to graphics and you're not getting video, have you checked the cables & monitor? Just to confirm, do you have a supported vga card and are you running the last firmware for your 4100?

If the configuration was working and stopped, you probably have a hardware problem. If this is a new configuration or you changed another card in system, there may be some set up work required.