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Alphaserver DS15 crash after 2 or 3 minutes of demarrage


Alphaserver DS15 crash after 2 or 3 minutes of demarrage

Hi , I have problem in my Alphaserver DS15.


When booting there are the following  error messages :


+5.0 volts Upper Fatal Thershold Failure


Power supply Failure



*** Error - SROM detected system configuration error ***


***Error - Voltage sebsor 3 - Upper Fatal Thershold Failure ***


***Warning - System Fault LED  Illuminated ***



after that the system continue booting then it takes somme seconds then it crash with the first LED from the left in orange color


I tryed to connect with laptop by the COM port to see RMC  log command the result was 


RMC> log


Entry 00: Power Supply Failure

Entry 01: Power Supply Failure

Entry 02: Power Supply Failure


Entry 03: Power Supply Failure

Entry 04: Power Supply Failure


Entry 06: Power Supply Failure

Entry 07: Power Supply Failure


Entry 08: Power Supply Failure

Entry 09: Power Supply Failure



Total Entries = 10



I tried to replace the Power supply with a fonctionnel one but the same problem persist.


If there is some one who give me a solution I will be very thankful 

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Re: Alphaserver DS15 crash after 2 or 3 minutes of demarrage





As you mentioned you replaced with a known working power supply for DS15 and the issue still persists, I would suggest you to look in the below options now. 


Note: The DS15 system operates in an ambient temperature range of 10º degree C – 40º degree C. An internal sensor monitors the system temperature and shut down the system if maximum limits are exceeded...


Perform the following if the system shuts down unexpectedly:


  • Ensure that the side cover (pedestal) or top cover (rack) are properly secured.
  • Verify that the ambient temperature does not exceed the specified limits.
  • Make sure there are no obstructions to the airflow at the front or rear of the system.
  • Check to see that the cables inside the system are properly dressed. A dangling cable can impede airflow to the system.

Then please use show power command  which can help you determine if environmental problems necessitate the replacement of a power supply, system fan or fans, or the motherboard.






Renji V

I am an HP employee.

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