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DS25 with Ultrium460 on onboard SCSI

New Member

DS25 with Ultrium460 on onboard SCSI

We have an new cluster. 2 DS25 machines. We have attached on every machine an Ultrium460 external tapeunit. This tapeunit is attached to the onboard SCSI adapter Adaptec AIC-7899.
HP does not support this configuration was told to us. I'am not sure about that. HP does support it by using an separate SCSI controller like 3X-DEPVZ-AA.
But in this configuration (wich was recomended by an official HP partner) we do not have an PCI slot available. So we don't have an option. (2x Memory channel, 2x HBA for MSA1000, 1x NIC, 1x VGA)

Altrough the tapedrive attached to the onboard controller work perfect, it is also reconized in the SRM console as an HP Ultrium-2.
In particular cirumstances, when we have an problem with tape or controller, HP will say this is nt supported and won't give support.

Has anyone been in a situation like this? Some tips?

Regards, Sil Grouwstra