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ES45 - LCD panel contents from RMC

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ES45 - LCD panel contents from RMC


Is there a way to view the front panel LCD of an ES45 from RMC? If so, what are the command(s). I don't have a person on site who can stand in front of the system and tell me what the panel says.





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Re: ES45 - LCD panel contents from RMC


AFAICR I've never needed anyone in front of the machine *unless* RMC power commands failed to init the system (in rare situations) and needed someone to physically remove AC power.

You can display the system POST error logs and warnings with 'more el' *IF* the system can POST to SRM (P00>>> show error, show power, show fru, etc...).

From Chapter 7 of the User Guide:
>>> more el
*** Error - CPU 1 failed powerup diagnostics ***
Secondary start error
EV6 BIST = 1
STR status = 1
CSC status = 1
PChip0 status = 1
PChip1 status = 1
DIMx status = 0
TIG Bus status = 1
DPR status = 0
CPU speed status = 0
CPU speed = 0
Powerup time = 00-00-00 00:00:00
CPU SROM sync = 0
*** Error - Fan 1 failed ***
*** Error - Fan 2 failed ***


If the system fails POST and your RMC session is correctly configured, the failure *should* display on the screen. However, env and status commands will give you all the warnings if they exist on the machine that would be displayed on the OCP. See chapters 6 & 7: