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Re: firmware for gs 140 ver 6.4-2

New Member

firmware for gs 140 ver 6.4-2

can anyone tell me where can i downlaod the subject..

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Re: firmware for gs 140 ver 6.4-2

The latest firmware is here:


If you need or want a specific version, which isn't usually necessary, you might have to find someone nearby who has that particular version on CD.  HP doesn't seem to keep older versions on their download site.


Here's the direct access to the FTP site but there don't appear to be any folders with either "unsupported," "prereleased" or "archived" versions of firmware.


In general you can find firmware for any Alpha at the HP site.  If the specific model isn't listed then look for a "retired" category.



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Re: firmware for gs 140 ver 6.4-2

Have a look at


Copy the file V65.iso, it has the GS140 V6.4 FW in the GS140 subdir.