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Information on power supplies in old AlphaServers

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Information on power supplies in old AlphaServers

I've recently bought two old AlphaServers (1000A and 800) for next to nothing. It was my first encounter with these machines, so needless to say I was amazed by almost everything they did (so far I only worked with x86 systems).

I've decided to be a heretic and swap some of the hardware from the servers: the 1000A comes in the nice pedestal case and has 6 4.3GB SCSI disks but only 64MB RAM. The 800 has a faster CPU (400MHz 21164) and more and newer RAM (128MB ECC EDO DIMM's).
Since I only have experience with standardized x86-machines, I figured I could just swap the mainboards and I'd combine the best of both machines.

This was not the case: everything that could go wrong actually went wrong and it has already cost me a lot of blood, sweat and tears to put the mainboard from the AS800 in the pedestal case. A bigger problem (i.e. one that can't be overcome with brute force) are the power supplies: the AS1000A has a massive 450W powersupply while the AS800 has a smaller (like a regular ATX) PSU. To make things worse, the power connectors for the mainboard don't seem to match!
Normally I would've given up a long time ago, but this time I'm persistent in getting (at least one of) those Alpha's back to work. I'm now left with to options:
1. use the AS800 powersupply in the AS1000A pedestal: it doesn't fit so I'll have to make if fit with a lot of drilling
2. change the connectors on the powersupplies that are meant for the mainboards: cut them off then solder the other powerconnectors back on (i.e. all of the connectors of, then solder the 800-connectors on the 1000A-PSU).

The second option allows me to use the powerful PSU but comes with a big risk. Especially since I can't seem to find any information on the powersupplies used in both these AlphaServers (apart from the maximum power output).

Does anyone have any information on the powersupplies? Or a better solution. :)

PS.: I know some people may be disgusted by my plans, but it's just a hobby project. Don't be offended! ;)