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SROM mini-console port pinout

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SROM mini-console port pinout


I have an issue with a Digital PWS. I don't see anything on the screen
or serial console. Also the LEDs on MLB shows E0 error and I am
getting 1-1-4 beep error code.

I tried FSL boot disk but no luck. It is starting to read from disk
and after 20-25 seconds it stops and is doing nothing. I changed the
floppy drive with a good one and also the cables. Still the same

I reseated all components and I removed all boards like SCSI
controller, video card...

So my problem now is how to get in SROM mini-console or debugger
because I don't know the pinout for "SROM Port" connector. Connector
is near the FlashROM chip and it has 10 pins.

I want to know what is he doing and why it doesn't want to load the
firmware from floppy.

Thank You!