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XP 1000 Question

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XP 1000 Question

My company is the distributor of Durst phototechnik. We have installed here in Argentina many products of Dursts that include a Compaq alpha workstation. Now we have a problem with a XP 1000. The onborard NIC doesnt work anymore and we need to replace it with a PCI NIC card. The workstation is working with true64 Unix Vers 5 (I guess). Could you please tell us which model of Ethernet card should work with this WS with true64 unix installed?
Where I can get It? The owner of the ws told me that he contact the HP service from Argentina and they told him that he must wait 48 hours for an answer?! Is this true?
Could please help me?

Re: XP 1000 Question

Just about any NIC should work fine. To get the 10/100 capability you'll need to have the DE425 or 450 or higher. I don't remember which one starts giving you the 100MB capability. Sometimes the DE500 has trouble auto-negotiating with some brands of hubs, but it can be manually set. I ran with a DE500 until I got a new hub and upgraded to a DE602 dual port.

As for the 48 hour wait for a reply, I will pass that up through the chain and see what happens, but more than likely you will have the answer to you question before I get a reply back.