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For software-defined storage: Welcome Datera, now an HPE Complete solution


Did you know that Datera, the provider of 100% software-driven data services platform for high-performance applications, is now available as an HPE Complete solution?

HPE Complete_Datera-blog.jpgThe introduction of this joint solution provides the enterprise performance of leading flash storage arrays on a true software-driven platform. The solution delivers automation and agility, often at significantly lower cost than competing solutions. Datera’s programmable infrastructure approach automates and powers enterprise data for existing and not-yet-designed applications with applied machine learning. Add the power and backing of HPE’s leading server portfolio and you have the right combination at the right time to enable your enterprise to eliminate today’s data hurdles as you transform your businesses to a digital future.

Why Datera?

We selected Datera as an HPE Complete partner for two reasons. One, the Datera solution fills a gap in our product and partner portfolios. Two, HPE customers have been specifically asking for a joint HPE/Datera solution. In fact, when Datera hit the price list on February 4, 2019, we already had more than 100 qualified opportunities and 20 active proof-of-concepts. Datera is an alternative to other solutions like Dell EMC VxFlex (formerly EMC ScaleIO).

Datera’s established leadership was a strong attractor as we explored the possibilities for the relationship. Guy Churchward, who recently became CEO after having led the company’s board, has a proven track record and has previously served in top leadership roles at NetApp and Dell/EMC. President and founder Marc Fleischmann is a long-time HPE alum, also with a solid history of storage industry leadership. Datera is equally committed to innovation in scale-out storage and to working closely with HPE to meet the needs of our mutual customers.

The Datera platform

Datera’s software platform is a true software-based data services platform that powers high-performance application environments at global scale with automation and applied machine learning. This in turn eliminates manual tuning in close partnership with the leaders in server and memory technology. The Datera platform delivers the cloud experience to data storage infrastructure for the most essential enterprise applications running on virtual machines, containers and bare metal and harnesses the latest, high performance storage media like flash and NVMe through its collaboration with the leaders in server and memory infrastructure like HPE and Intel.

The combination of HPE ProLiant DL servers, HPE Apollo servers, and Datera provides significantly higher IOPS and consistently lower latency across an environment of flash media server nodes, enabling customers to finally bring the power of the software-defined approach to their most demanding applications in a cloud-like, multi-tenant data environment. The Datera platform is designed to exceed the scale-out storage needs of Global 2000 enterprises looking to consolidate existing storage arrays, power existing virtual machine-based applications, and adopt cloud-native technologies like containers with Kubernetes orchestration, and transition to a new software-defined data center future.

The integration of Datera and HPE provides a superior alternative to existing Datera logo.pngcompetitive solutions by combining automation, performance, block-storage and object-storage data services to meet stringent enterprise requirements. This solution meets the needs of today’s environments and provides a solid foundation for changes in the future, including new server, memory and application development technologies. More information on this solution can be found in HPE’s product catalog: HPE Complete Datera Solution.

HPE Complete: your one-stop shop for validated HPE and third-party partner end-to-end infrastructure solutions

The HPE Complete program gives resellers proven third-party branded products that complement and complete high-priority HPE solution areas with interoperability assurance, enabling customers purchase and deploy a complete solution with the ease and confidence worldwide. Partner products go through HPE Complete interoperability validation with key HPE infrastructure components and the HPE Complete team facilitates third-party expertise for installation, support, warranty, and issue resolution. Datera customers also benefit from collaborations on validation tools, standards, and processes—and can rest assured knowing partner products work well together.

We welcome Datera to the HPE Complete program!

Datera’s joining the HPE Complete program means that our mutual customers will be able to procure integrated solutions on a single HPE purchase order with the confidence of HPE Complete-assured compatibility and interoperability validation and HPE Complete-facilitated troubleshooting for issue resolution.

Marty Lans_HPE.pngMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Marty Lans, General Manager, Storage Connectivity Engineering & Global Interoperability Business Unit, HPE.






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Datera and I thank you for the warm introduction Marty and the entire team. The response to our partnership has been great so far, but now that the WORDS are out, it's time for the MEAT of the solution. Does it work? What does it deliver? And where does it fit in HPE Storage Portfolio, which remains a top dog in the enterprise storage world. You can get those answers in a flash here: 

1) <3 minute video: [VIDEO -- In a Nutshell]]

2) <45 min Q&A style chat between HPE Distinguished Technologist Chris Tinker and Datera CTO Hal Woods. [TECHCHAT]

3) Straight up details -- server models, media types and specs. [JUST THE SPECS]

Feel free to reply if you don't see what you are looking for -- always happy to take requests.

or just watch the <5 min video here:


For the answers