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Future-proofing storage fabric with expanding HPE StoreFabric 32Gb Fibre Channel portfolio

New HPE StoreFabric C-series SN6610C 32Gb FC switch and HPE StoreFabric C-series SN8500C 48-port 32Gb FC director module provide the performance and deployment flexibility required for next-generation storage fabric.

StoreFabric_future proof_blog.jpgIt’s almost trite these days to note that advanced technologies like AI, ML and IoT are creating an omnipresent need for more: more storage, more connectivity and the resulting need for more space, power and services. Yet it’s an undeniable fact—one that requires constant innovation from both vendors and customers, culminating in a never-ending state of evaluation, upgrade and adjustment. Our goal, and that of our many partners, is to minimize that cycle and the cost, time and frustration that it entails, helping you lay a solid foundation for simple, cost-efficient and modular growth.

We have been steadily building on that commitment for years, introducing step-wise storage connectivity upgrades well ahead of the majority of the market and working constantly to ensure that our throughput, density and performance characteristics remain at the front of the pack. We built on this commitment for our storage networking portfolio with the introduction of the Brocade-based StoreFabric SN6650B 32Gb FC switch in June. We’re continuing to build on it today with the advent of the Cisco-based StoreFabric SN6610C 32Gb FC switch and the 48-port 32Gb module for the SN8500C director family.

Each of these new developments recognizes that digital transformation in the enterprise is being driven by faster analytics, transaction processing and data warehousing. That’s why they’re designed to enable data center modernization via a faster fabric infrastructure. As components of an ever-expanding 32Gb FC portfolio, we also recognize that customers always benefit from an expansion of choice. No one solution, vendor or partner is the right option for every environment.

Adding value thanks to added flexibility in procurement, deployment and management in all areas of storage connectivity

All-flash storage and NVMe provide a wide variety of benefits, but can also impose a considerable performance tax on infrastructure. These new platforms—all of which are NVMe-ready—are designed to meet and even exceed these new requirements with a combination of high bandwidth, low latency, easy manageability and rapid scalability. Here’s an overview of what’s new.

New today: HPE StoreFabric C-series SN6610C 32Gb FC Switch

The SN6610C helps customers transition to next-generation storage networks with unique features designed to maximize availability, performance and resiliency. It lowers costs by reducing power consumption and increases visibility with line-rate monitoring for traffic analytics. Expandable from 8 to 32 ports, it is ideal for small-departmental SANs (with VSANs for separation), use as a TOR switch or as a native FC SAN extension.

New today: HPE StoreFabric SN8500C 48-port 32Gb FC Director Module

The 48-port 32Gb module for SN8500C FC switches introduced today gives customers mode deployment options and future-proofs their storage fabrics, reducing the price per-port and leaving fewer ports stranded at the core and edge. Enabling deployment of higher-density directors also reduces facility costs including power and cooling, simplifies management and increases flexibility to enable rapid traffic growth. Network hosted volume management promotes higher storage utilization, simplified management and non-disruptive data migration.

And just introduced in June: HPE StoreFabric B-series SN6650B 128/48 Fibre Channel Switch

The StoreFabric SN6650B is designed to reduce SAN bottlenecks by delivering high performance and low latency for demanding business applications. It automates tedious SAN zoning configurations, making them easy and error-free with orchestration from 3PAR in just a few clicks.

With data centers only continuing to grow and densify and response time requirements becoming more stringent, 32Gb FC (once seemingly a nice-to-have or a component of some ideal future state) is quickly becoming a necessity. Offering an ideal combination of high performance, footprint reduction and ease-of-management, our expanding 32Gb FC portfolio gives users the flexibility they need to expand their storage fabrics with options from their choice of top vendors. Today’s announcements build on our steadfast commitment to both our customers and our partners, giving both sides the support needed to sustain innovation with velocity as the next-generation storage fabric continues to evolve.

The HPE StoreFabric C-series SN6610C 32Gb FC Switch and the HPE StoreFabric C-series SN8500C 48-port 32Gb FC Director Module are available immediately. Please contact your local HPE account team for detailed pricing information. 

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