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HPE Complete: Where Strategic Partnerships and Technology Investments Thrive


We focus on offering you the best through strategic partnerships and technology investment areas that broaden our portfolio for tested end-to-end solutions for emerging apps and use cases.

HPE Complete_blog.jpgWhen deploying a new infrastructure to support a changing workload, ramp a new service, or expand to accommodate more users and larger data sets, you want to know that the new solution you’re implementing is going to work end-to-end. That’s not too much to ask, right? Over the years, this is what’s made choosing a converged infrastructure satisfying—because you know all the piece parts have been validated to work together.

But as workloads evolve and new applications come to market, the tech industry makes it harder for you to purchase all the end-to-end parts from a single vendor. This is where the HPE Complete program comes into play.

As you may know, HPE has a very broad global reach through our supply chain and distribution/channel partner community. The HPE Complete program takes advantage of this to resell third-party products that complement new solution areas. We focus on offering you the best through strategic partnerships and technology investment areas that broaden our portfolio to make sure we can offer you tested end-to-end solutions for emerging apps and use cases.

I mentioned two areas of focus for the HPE Complete program: strategic partnerships and technology investments. Here’s what those mean:

Strategic partnerships

When we evaluate different use cases (such as protection of virtualized environments, enterprise scale long-term retention and scale-out object storage), we may see gaps that need to be filled within our existing portfolio to complete the solution. These gaps open up opportunities that allow us to partner with top players in the market.

  • Veeam Software integrates HPE’s portfolio of servers, storage arrays, tape, and backup appliances to create solutions that lower the risk of data loss by providing high-speed and verified recovery, data loss avoidance, application recoverability, and complete visibility into your data protection environments.
  • Spectra Logic for long-term cost effective storage solutions helps you deal with exponential data growth while enabling you to ensure you can access archived data for compliance and other purposes.
  • Qumulo offers a scale-out NAS solution, atop HPE Apollo 4200 servers, that’s optimized for mixed file size workloads with real-time visibility and control at scale and can manage up to tens of billions of files in a single file system.
  • Zerto delivers orchestration and automation of the entire recovery process, enables hundreds of VMs to be migrate simultaneously, and moves virtualized workloads between public, private and hybrid clouds, complementing all HPE server and storage products.

Technology investments

To keep pace with the speed of technology innovation, HPE invests in startups through the HPE Pathfinder program. This venture capital group elevates emerging products with our global reach. A benefit the startup has when HPE invests is being brought into the HPE Complete program.

Both partnership and investment products are tested in house with key HPE infrastructure components from our server, storage, and networking portfolios. Then it goes through the launch process to be put on our price list, and sold by our sales force and channel partners. You receive direct third-party expertise for installation, support and warranty with HPE Complete engineering’s facilitation of issue resolution.

You may have seen recent announcements around our latest supported investments:

  • Hedvig—Software-defined storage for block, file and object storage deployed on bare metal, hypervisor or container environments
  • Cohesity—Scale-out secondary storage solution that spans both on-premises and public cloud infrastructures
  • ThoughtSpot—Search-driven analytics to provide business intelligence for enterprise customers

See our HPE Pathfinder investments here.

Why we do it?

It’s about advancing with confidence. Handling data stores, providing infrastructure security, or deploying hybrid IT all have nuances and different technology requirements but don’t necessarily require a separate or new infrastructure. By knowing that a new application, piece of equipment or public cloud connection has been tested and is supported by your hardware infrastructure company, it makes life a little easier.

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I have been working across the HPE portfolio for over 12 years marketing hot topics including storage, software-defined, big data and hybrid cloud.

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