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Re: HPE Nimble Storage: Customer report cards a year and a half in


It’s been about a year and half since we acquired Nimble Storage. I was thinking about it recently as we had an HPE Nimble Storage related announcement at the beginning of May. If you didn't see the announcements of the latest generation of Nimble Storage, be sure to check it out. 

No one was more surprised than me when I got an email from my manager the night before we were going to announce the acquisition. I had guessed we were going to acquire someone because he was asking me questions about how long it would take to post an article on Around the Storage Block but Nimble Storage wasn’t who I would have guessed.

In hindsight, I really didn’t understand Nimble Storage. I had heard people talk about InfoSight and Predictive Analytics but I didn't take time to understand the value.

HPE InfoSight by the numbers

It’s pretty easy to understand the value InfoSight has brought to Nimble Storage. A few numbers tell the story:

  • 86%: That’s the number of customer cases that are opened, resolved, and closed before the customer is notified. 86%! That’s huge.
  • 79%: 79% lower storage operation costs. Enterprise Strategy Group quantified the impact HPE InfoSight has on IT costs and time spent managing storage. Research is based on an unbiased study of HPE and non-HPE customers.
  • 45 minutes: When there is a problem that needs attention from HPE Support, those issues go to a Level 3 (L3) engineer and are solved in about 45 minutes. And that expert solves the issue on average in 45 minutes.

And to be clear, these are data points for the Nimble Storage arrays. 

3PAR gets on InfoSight

Back in November of last year, we announced the availability of InfoSight for 3PAR. And with many 3PAR systems taking advantage of InfoSight, we are seeing results there too:

  • A customer was going to spend nearly a million dollars on more 3PAR and addditional servers because they were having performance issues with their VDI environment with over 1500 VMs. They started using InfoSight on 3PAR and found they had a few VMs that were hammering 3PAR with IOs after users logged off because of a virus scan issue. With InfoSight cross stack analytics, they found that they didn’t need more storage and compute and they averted spending a lot of budget on infrastructure.
  • The 3PAR InfoSight team has found a number of signatures that they can proactively address problems. With this information, 85% of over 1500 cases have been automatically opened and resolved.
  • A customer with multiple 3PAR arrays now using InfoSight improved their performance by over 10X. InfoSight provided performance insights that allowed the customer to rebalance their workload and see the performance dramatically improve.

The foundation has been established to enable predictive support for 3PAR. There's still a lot of engineering work to do but I'm excited by the possibilities. And it's not just 3PAR. Check out the video I did with CTO of our infrastructure organization Bill Philibin. 

Customers speak out about InfoSightHPE Nimble Storage a year and a half later.jpg

A great source of end-user feedback is TechValidate. Who is TechValidate? From their website, "TechValidate collects, verifies and publishes exclusive research data on technology products and services that is sourced directly from 8,574,259 verified users of those products." All of the quotes I share below from customers came from TechValidate, except the first from Kent Pollard. I met Kent at Discover this past June. Here's a link to all the feedback from HPE Nimble Storage customers on TechValidate

Let's get to the feedback. 

International Financial Data Services (IFDS) is a financial services company in Toronto, Canada. They have both HPE Nimble Storage and 3PAR in their environment. Kent Pollard is a Sr. IT Architect at IFDS. We asked him about his experience using InfoSight. He said,

“At International Financial Data System, we rely on HPE InfoSight to manage and monitor all of our HPE Nimble Storage and 3PAR arrays. We are really pleased to see that HPE is doing what they said they would by bringing the power of InfoSight to 3PAR”.

I wanted to see if Kent had any tips for 3PAR customers thinking about using HPE InfoSight. Kent said,

“Don't be afraid to use InfoSight. No company data is collected by InfoSight, so you do not need to worry about your data being stored offsite. It has a lot of good information and as new HPE hardware is added to it to collect data, you will have more information you will easily access about your infrastructure.”

Wade Lahr, System Administrator from Children’s Hospital Association said,

“We have greater insight into our usage and which servers and applications impact SAN performance. Having encryption on the (HPE Nimble Storage) array has been cost-saving by reducing the number of software encryption licenses needed on our SQL serves.”  Wade concluded by saying, “I would recommend HPE Nimble AF (all flash) arrays solely based on performance, ease of administration, and superior support model.” 1

Dustin Newby, IT Director at Pratt Regional Medical Center also had very good things to say about how InfoSight has improved their infrastructure.

“By simply moving our server and VDI workloads to our HPE Nimble All Flash Arrays, we were able to reduce help desk incidents by 67% including after-hours callbacks due to performance related issues. The array has paid for itself in reduced overtime as well as user and support staff satisfaction. It’s quite simply the most satisfying purchase I have ever made.”  1

When Dustin was asked if he would recommend HPE Nimble Storage, he said,

“Yes, it is the only array I have every purchased that has lived up to what was sold. I was completely blown away at how easy it was to install and we saw immediate performance improvements. InfoSight offers a much better window into our environment than I have experienced from other vendors. …. I can’t say enough about support either. It is so nice talking with a knowledgeable person … that actually fixes your problem.” 1

Brock Griffin is the IT Director at Parametric Portolio Associates and his response to if he would recommend HPE Nimble Storage was,

“Absolutely. The ease of use, interoperability, and the InfoSight data makes this array a no-brainer for any company looking for an all-flash solution.” 1

Joyce Lim, Senior Manager at ECS Pericomp sums it up nicely.

“Zero management effort needed with the help of InfoSight.” 1

Get more info on HPE Nimble Storage

Here are some links that you can check out:

Source: TechValidate research findings from surveys of HPE customers and users.

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I'm Calvin Zito and 2018 marks 35 years with HP/HPE. I've worked in HPE Storage since 1990. I am an eight-time VMware vExpert. As an early adopter of social media and active in communities, I've blogged for 9 years. You can find me on Twitter as @CalvinZito. If you don't follow me on Twitter, do it now! You can also contact me via email

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I have worked at HP and now HPE since 1983, all of it around storage but 100% focused on storage since 1990. I blog, create videos, and podcasts to help you better understand HPE Storage.

Dave Thurlby

Coming from EMC, HP EVA, and HP MSA to HPE Nimble AF and CS arrays has been a great trasition. We don't worry about it anymore. It tells us what we've been up to. Performance has been outstanding since day 1 of deployment. Latency and dedupe are what I am impressed with most. Our biggest thing was seperating Storage from Compute due to budgets and how the funding happens. We planned HPE Nimble out 6 years and I could expect it to make it further with the AF array for sure. Capacity estimates have also been correct. We are seeing 7x1 with compression and dedupe. Happy with it so far!

We also use SRM with the arrays and ran into a snag but support helped with that and actually created a bug for it.

@Dave Thurlby - thanks for the feedback.