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HPE Nimble Storage wins gold for SearchStorage Storage Product of the Year


HPE_Nimble Storage_blog.jpgFind out why SearchStorage just awarded HPE Nimble Storage the gold medal for 2018 Storage Product of the Year. (Hint: What impressed judges are the same things our customers love about Nimble simplicity and support.)

“Our Products of the Year judges give HPE's all-flash arrays high marks for built-in analytics, automation, ease of use, and price-to-performance balance for midmarket enterprises.”  —Gary Kranz, Senior Writer, SearchStorage

We are super excited and honored to have HPE Nimble Storage awarded the gold medal for the “2018 Storage Product of the Year” in the enterprise storage arrays category by Storage magazine and SearchStorage. In this seventeenth straight annual competition, they weighed technological innovation, ease of integration, performance, ease of manageability, value, functionality, and practicality. To meet these challenges, would require a new way of thinking. Intelligence changes everything.

Self-driving storage is here.

“What impressed judges most is the way Nimble Storage interweaves InfoSight to improve flash efficiency. One judge described Nimble InfoSight as an "incredible" tool to curtail manual administration for "ease of administration.”  —SearchStorage

There’s a reason there’s a race to develop autonomous, self-driving cars. The next generation doesn’t want to drive anymore. They want to sit back, relax, and spend their time doing something more productive.

For very much the same reason, the race is on to develop autonomous, self-driving storage. IT doesn’t want to deal with the time consuming complexities and high cost of managing storage. IT for today’s modern enterprise wants a storage experience that gets time back to focus on business outcomes.

From day one, Nimble Storage was architected and designed to deliver an autonomous user experience that would be unique to the storage industry. Our vision was to deliver an advanced flash storage platform that would revolutionize and transform support, massively reduce the time, risk, and high cost of storage management, and provide the best price/performance flash storage on the market.

Support that customers LOVE

“The support experience with Nimble is excellent. There is no sitting on hold, giving information, or waiting for a callback. In most cases, Nimble support is proactively calling us to fix a problem we haven’t seen yet.” CTO, iLand Internet Solutions.

When HPE acquired Nimble Storage in 2017, we filled out our storage portfolio with a solid lineup of mid-range all-flash, hybrid-flash, and cloud storage. Just as importantly, we acquired HPE InfoSight. Arguably the most advanced AI in the industry that is changing the support paradigm. . . forever.

Nimble customers LOVE our support. Before Nimble, support looked something like this: Call Level 1 support and get put on hold, then the painful escalation to Level 2, and finally the Level 3 call filled with uncertainty and doubt. Nimble with HPE InfoSight transforms this experience. HPE InfoSight has the ability to predict and proactively see and resolve issues before they happen. With the AI-driven predictive analytics in InfoSight, 86% of support cases are solved automatically, Level 1 and Level 2 support is eliminated, and most Level 3 cases are resolved in an average of 45 minutes. Not to mention HPE InfoSight helps to resolve the 54% of support cases that were NOT storage related! 

Simplicity that customers LOVE

“We can create a new volume in literally minutes. Contrast that with our past regimen, which required three days of planning, downtime on a weekend, and a couple of hours to execute.” –Network engineer, Graniterock, HPE case study.

Radical simplicity is a cornerstone of Nimble Storage. Just imagine setting up an enterprise array in eight minutes. Or taking the guess work out of keeping noisy neighbors quiet, while ensuring critical apps with low-latency needs get guaranteed performance. “What-if” planning tools give you the ability to analyze and determine the optimal price and performance for current and future workloads across your enterprise. Then, you can easily deploy or rebalance workloads across all-flash, hybrid flash, and cloud storage with automated, single-click simplicity.

Customers have found that with the level of automation that comes with Nimble Storage, they have reduced storage management from hours to minutes—and their storage management costs by an average of 79%!  Not only is Nimble Storage simple to manage, but you also get peace of mind with proven 99.9999% guaranteed availability with many customers experiencing 100% uptime for years.

It’s clear intelligence changes everything. Now our customers have more time to focus on what’s important, not stress about their storage. We think we’re winning the race for autonomous, self-driving storage, its hard work, and for now we have gold to show for it.

Thank you Storage magazine and SearchStorage for this award.  We are honored.

Thank you to the HPE team for delivering storage our customers love.

And most of all, thank you to the 15,000+ customers that rely on Nimble Storage every day!

Learn how you can get the Nimble Storage Experience

R.Serafini_HPE.jpgMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Randy Serafini, Global Product Marketing, Nimble Storage Platform, HPE. Randy has more than two decades of experience in enterprise storage and data protection technologies ranging from personal computing to the data center and multi-cloud. He has led the marketing and product management efforts for visionary companies that pioneered hybrid storage and enterprise cloud storage and backup.





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