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HPE StoreOnce and Recovery Manager Central for Transparent Protection of Your Database


Worried about ransomware blocking database access or hurricanes halting transactions? Losing sleep over the cost and complexity of your database backup solution? Unleash HPE StoreOnce and Recovery Manager Central (RMC) to protect your database.

database protection_blog.jpgLet’s face it: We don’t want backups to slow down our business, but we desperately rely on recovering from those backups when business comes to a halt. Protecting databases such as Oracle, SAP HANA and SQL Server with traditional methods is falling short of expectations. Although array-based snapshots offer fast, non-disruptive point-in-time copies of data, they alone can’t deliver comprehensive backup. You have to consider their retention limitations, corruption vulnerabilities, and dependence on the underlying storage system. To put it simply, if the storage system fails, a natural disaster hits your data center or if you’re threatened by ransomware, your snapshots are at risk.

Here are a few problems that may keep you up at night as a DBA:

  • You have no control over backup/recovery tasks because you rely on backup administrators to replicate the backup copies for offsite protection.
  • You have to deploy a backup application that not only adds cost, but also introduces commands that you’re totally unfamiliar with.
  • Your backup footprint is exceeding primary storage footprint.
  • Data recovery is so slow that you struggle in keeping up the database.

The advantages of application-managed, storage-integrated data protection solution

What if you had a choice of two approaches for protecting your database?

  1. An application-managed approach delivered by StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-ins for Oracle, SAP HANA and SQL Server where your StoreOnce backup target integrates directly with your database native backup tool such as Oracle RMAN or SAP HANA Backint.
  2. A storage-integrated approach delivered by RMC for Oracle, SAP HANA and SQL Server where your 3PAR snapshots are copied directly to your StoreOnce backup target.

Let’s take a look at the benefits of these two approaches.

Speed up database backup and recovery

  • HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in optionally deduplicates the database on the database nodes (source) leading to less backup data flow through the network or on StoreOnce (target) leading to deduplication load reduction on the database servers.
  • HPE RMC speeds up backups with hundreds of fast, non-disruptive, database-consistent snapshots. Only changed blocks are sent to StoreOnce, so every backup completes at the speed of an incremental, but is stored as a synthetic full backup, making recovery from snapshots faster.

Increase cost savings 

  • HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in enables direct backups to a StoreOnce Catalyst store, eliminating the need for data protection software. It controls the backup via Oracle RMAN or SAP HANA Backint or SQL Server to make a direct copy of data to StoreOnce, without the need to pass through a backup media server.
  • HPE RMC with its zero-cost licensing model delivers deduplicated backups with StoreOnce Federated Deduplication technology, thereby reducing backup storage requirements by up to 20 times on average.

Reduce complexity

  • HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in is installed directly onto the database nodes with a few clicks and gives complete visibility and control to DBAs to backup, restore, and delete their database backups directly from their native database interface (Oracle Enterprise Manager, SAP HANA Studio or SQL Server Studio).
  • HPE RMC provides a single pane of glass installer, reducing the number of clicks required. 3PAR flash storage array configuration, StoreOnce configuration and network connectivity between 3PAR, RMC and StoreOnce are checked and a summary of the pass/fail diagnostics with resolutions and fixes are provided.

Achieve fast, simple and affordable protection for Oracle, SAP HANA and Microsoft SQL Server databases

HPE Recovery Manager Central and HPE StoreOnce Catalyst Plug-in for Oracle, SAP HANA and SQL Server deliver a fast, simple and affordable data protection solution that your database environment demands. You’re no longer subject to impacted service levels or unnecessary IT cost and complexity when protecting your database nor do you have to allocate production application resources for an extended time to back up your data.

Learn more

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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Parissa Mohamadi, Data Protection Solution Product Manager, HPE Storage.




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