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IT Team Focuses on Innovation, Not Maintenance, with Software-Defined Storage


Ensuring continuous data availability for a steadily growing company by deploying a software-defined storage solution on modern hardware: how SUSE Enterprise Storage helps Experian IT staff gain back an entire work day a week.

Blog_Experian_SUSE.jpgIt should surprise no one that the volume of user-generated data is growing exponentially as technology progresses, and managing that growth efficiently in a cost-effective manner can be tricky. 

Mr. Howard Samm of Experian Business Information Systems has tackled this task head on with the help of SUSE Enterprise Storage and the ever-flexible ProLiant hardware line.

For those not familiar with Object Storage in general, this is a different approach to storage than the existing “rip-and-replace” technologies more commonly in use today.  

Samm came to us, not long ago, with a desire to “find a storage solution that would support massive data growth. . . and keep costs down.” 

That idea almost sounds too good to be true until you look deeper at how HPE can support this approach.  By installing the SUSE software package onto its existing ProLiant DL380 infrastructure, Experian is now able to expand its performance and capacity simply by adding another node to the cluster.  Compared to the NAS-based approach Experian was using previously, this has resulted in a significant reduction in the time spent managing the many systems spread throughout the data center.

In addition to the time savings, this single solution was able to cover the file, block and snapshot storage needs of the entire team.  Samm specifically mentions the HPE Integrated Lights Out and the ease of use that this brought to everyday tasks.  The management team was impressed by the “benefits in cost reduction, high availability, and limited down time” that is designed into this self-healing  and self-managing storage platform.

Speaking specifically about his deployment, Samm describes a multisite solution that delivers thousands of IOPS and how business continuity plans are met by establishing a metro area cluster. If there is a problem with an entire server node or a component within, the self-healing nature means that workload is automatically spread across the rest of the assets. This is regardless of the cluster failure being within a single site and across multiple networks, maintaining access, uptime and performance with no interaction from Samm or his team.

Read the case study

You can ready the complete case study here: Experian Business Information Systems uses software defined storage to manage data boom

At SUSE Con?

If you happen to be at SUSE`s Conference this week in Prague, you can actually listen to Howard Samm explain his experience on Tuesday, Sept. 26 at 4:15 PM local time.

And you can visit the HPE Booth B25 anytime to have a chat about our joint Ceph-based object storage solution with SUSE, certified on ProLiant, Apollo, Cloudline and, more recently, on Synergy.

For more information on our strategic alliance with SUSE, please visit


 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Jeff Coppersmith, HPE DCIG Program Manager, SUSE Enterprise Storage Enablement.

Jeff is an avid outdoorsman who splits his time between the forest and the racetrack. His storage experience includes going to market with component vendors, data protection products , and, most recently, as an advocate for the adoption of Object Storage in the modern data centerre. Jeff is currently a program manager with the HPE Data Center Infrastructure Group. , and you can gfollow him on Twitter: @bimmer_fan






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