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See the next generation of HPE InfoSight, powered by artificial intelligence


News from HPE Discover: HPE InfoSight eliminates the pain of managing infrastructure, digitally transforming your infrastructure and solving your most challenging problems using AI.

HPE InfoSight_Discover announcement_blog.jpgAt HPE Discover in Madrid, the conversation often turned to how speed and agility are you most powerful competitive advantage in today’s hyper-connected world. That's why we’re exploring how technology, AI, and data from the edge to the cloud are coming together to advance the way we all live and work—and this includes HPE InfoSight.

AI first: How HPE InfoSight eliminates the pain of managing infrastructure

For decades, infrastructure has sat idle and unconscious while IT administrators reacted to unexpected issues. These issues occurred 24/7 and they weren’t considerate. It didn’t matter if it was 3:00 AM or your daughter's wedding, unexpected issues arose and they needed to be fixed immediately.

At HPE, we are using artificial intelligence (AI) to solve the decades-old problem of managing infrastructure. HPE InfoSight has already delivered remarkable results to its customers and enhanced the customer experience by reducing support incidents by 85% and lowering operating expenses by almost 80%.

Now we are excited to announce that InfoSight has strengthened its vision for self-driving infrastructure and extended its capabilities to include cross-stack recommendations, resource planning, and performance insights. These new features are must-have capabilities to enable effective AI for infrastructure.

Introducing cross-stack recommendations on HPE Nimble Storage

What if someone was able to give you a solution to a problem before you even knew the problem existed? In an AI-first world, this is the new reality.

We have extended our recommendation engine beyond storage, all the way to up through the virtualization layer. InfoSight can now diagnose root cause of performance bottlenecks and recommend the right remediation through app- and resource-centric modeling. HPE InfoSight makes implicit and explicit recommendations and provides intuitive reporting and actionable insights. Your pain of triaging and finding the root cause of a performance problem is a thing of the past. You are given an exact diagnosis and a recommended fix. This is the future when you have HPE InfoSight on HPE Nimble Storage.

Dive deeper into the topic on the Storage Tech Insiders blog: InfoSight Cross Stack Analytics Performance Recommendations

Introducing Resource Planner on HPE Nimble Storage

The Resource Planner helps to optimize your workload placement to ensure your hybrid cloud functions optimally. This feature determines workload placement based on simulated scenarios to predict performance and capacity on an array and determines how the additional workload will effect neighboring resources. These new capabilities take the guesswork out of planning for additional and new workloads, minimizing the risk to of a catastrophic disruption to your business.

Learn more about how to optimize workload placements in this Storage Tech Insiders blog: Tech Preview for Resource Planner,the newest HPE InfoSight Labs feature for HPE Nimble Storage

Introducing Performance Insights for HPE 3PAR Storage

Performance insights was developed with the customer in mind, bringing the same revolutionary capabilities from Nimble Storage. HPE 3PAR Storage customers now have an AI-driven feature that eliminates the guessing game and time-consuming work involved with diagnosing bottlenecks and optimizing application performance. Performance insights uses analytics and machine learning algorithms to report the saturation and performance impacts on the storage system in the cloud and deployed on premises. Customers have access to automated details that show the root cause to complex anomalies with application-aware insights. This new advanced performance analytics feature is available for HPE 3PAR StoreServ storage running HPE 3PAR OS 3.2.2 MU4 or higher and deployed via SSMC 3.4

Head to Storage Tech Insiders to find out more: Get ahead of performance bottlenecks with HPE InfoSight Performance Insights for 3PAR

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HPE Discover in Madrid may be over, but you can still catch key sessions on demand at HPE Discover More. And, as always, you can find all the latest storage news here on Around the Storage Block!

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 Meet Around the Storage Block blogger Katie Fritsch, Marketing Manager for InfoSight, HPE. Katie most recently led the marketing for the deep learning startup, Nervana Systems, up untili its acquisition by Intel in 2016. Previously, she was the Global Leverage partner for Palantir Technologies, and the first user experience data analyst for the autonomous vehicle project at Google X.

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