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The Biggest HPE 3PAR StoreServ Announcement in Years!


Today is the biggest HPE 3PAR StoreServ announcement since we launched the 7000 family over four years ago. I’ll be talking about a new 3PAR OS and a lot of new features. Today, I'll summarize these features – and you can watch my HPE Storage Big Announcement News_blog.jpgpodcast below for more the announcement news. Over the next several days, our subject-matter experts will dive deep into the highlights of the announcement. 

Flash is changing the data center. I talked about this in a ChalkTalk back in November. I don’t have time to review, it so check out that ChalkTalk to hear what I said about the phases of flash and the new requirements of the all-flash data center:

  • Apps – think performance and workloads
  • Ops – is about operational efficiency through simplifying
  • Risks – here it’s about minimizing risks across compute, storage, and networking
  • And finally, Investments – this is about implementing the right strategy and it starts with investing in a timeless storage architecture that enables you to adapt.

I have a video that gives the same overview you can read here. There's also a podcast that you can download and listen too.

The enhancements fit nicely into these requirements of apps, ops, risks, and investment so here we go!

Investment choice

  • HPE 3PAR Adaptive Data Reduction. What makes our Adaptive Data Reduction story so unique is that we drive up capacity efficiency for industry-leading flash density without sacrificing performance. Adaptive Data Reduction is an umbrella term that describes the technologies in HPE 3PAR designed to reduce the footprint of data. That includes Zero Detect, Deduplication, which we've had. Now with the latest 3PAR OS we're adding Compression and Data Packing. We're seeing an average of 4:1 savings for Adaptive Data Reduction. I'll have a blog that dives into this tomorrow but if you want to get a jump on the discussion, listen to the podcast I did with Phill Gilbert on our 3PAR Product Management team. 
  • 3PAR all-inclusive software Licensing. When we acquired 3PAR nearly seven years ago, 3PAR had about 1200 software SKUs. Five years ago we significantly simplified it. Now we’re going all the way with all-inclusive software licensing. Every 3PAR system now ships with all features for a single array. If you have a multi-array disaster recovery environment, there’s a multi-system software option for that software – software like Remote Copy, Peer Motion and Peer Persistence. The result is significantly easier licensing and cost savings as high as 30% $/GB of usable capacity for all-flash arrays.
  • Online Import support for EMC DMX. With our Online Import, you can migrate from DMX to 3PAR without any additional hardware in five simple steps.  And of course we also have Online Import for EMC VMAX, VNX and Clariion as wells as for HDS and IBM storage. 
  • 7-Year SSD Wear-out Support. I believe we are the only vendor that delivers an unconditionally five-year warranty for every HPE 3PAR StoreServ SSD. We’re now adding a seven-year wear out and electronic failure replacement for all 3PAR 8000 and 20000 SSDs purchased after June 2015 with a valid HPE Support Agreement.  
  • 3D Cache with Intel. We had a tech preview of this at Discover. This is important to emphasize again because it shows that 3PAR is an enduring architecture – as 3PAR can easily support new technologies like Storage Class Memory and NVMe. 

Mitigating risks

  • Enhanced 3PAR Persistent Checksum. This software provides HBA to disk data integrity. And with this latest version, we are now able to support more HBAs and operating systems. It’s a huge advantage for 3PAR because we’re the only ones who can do this for any workload AND be completely transparent to the apps and hosts.
  • 3DC Peer Persistence. Peer Persistence enables 3PAR systems located in different data centers at metropolitan distances to act as peers to each other, presenting continuous storage system access to hosts connected to them. This means you get automatic recovery by stretching VMware vSphere, Microsoft Hyper-V, SQL, Oracle and other cluster-aware services over multiple locations. We are now adding support for a third tertiary site for the highest levels of high availability and disaster recovery. It’s ideal for geographically distant disaster recovery. And we can do it at 1/3 the cost as EMC because they need Recovery Point, VPLEX, and additional InfiniBand switches with XtremIO. With 3PAR, this is all built in!
  • 3-2-1 Application Data Protection for 3PAR. It starts with Recovery Manager Central (RMC). RMC augments traditional backup approaches, combining the performance of snapshots with the protection of backups. In other words, RMC orchestrates snapshots from 3PAR and moves them to StoreOnce creating synthetic full backups giving you application consistent protection for SAP HANA, Oracle, SQL, and VMware. There’s StoreOnce Catalyst integration with data protection ISVs like our own Data Protector and a deepening relationship with Veeam, which is now available worldwide through HPE. Data protected on HPE StoreOnce Systems can now be replicated to the cloud thanks to Microsoft Azure support for HPE StoreOnce VSA software. The latest version of RMC is RMC 4.0. What’s new with version 4.0? Support for SAP HANA, StoreVirtual VSA, and running RMC on Hyper-V.  Support for StoreOnce VSA with Microsoft Azure is huge and gives you a great option for off-site protection and archive.
  • HPE Peer Copy. One more new feature powered by RMC 4.0 deserves to be called out separately. We’re realizing our vision of bi-directional replication between 3PAR and StoreVirtual with HPE Peer Copy. That means without a hardware appliance, you can now replicate data between 3PAR and StoreVirtual VSA. We think the ideal use case is between remote sites and a central datacenter. You can either have manual or scheduled replication. It’s efficient replication of changes in crash-consistent snapshots all orchestrated by RMC 4.0. I think this is unique in the entire industry and bridges software defined and system-defined storage. 

Operational simplicity

  • HPE 3PAR StoreServ Management Console or SSMC 3.1. There’s too much to talk about here but we’re adding tons of features and making it easier to use. I hope to have SSMC demos in the near future so watch for them.
  • HPE Smart SAN 2.0 for 3PAR. What is the benefit of Smart SAN? 80% and 99%.  Smart SAN reduces the steps for SAN Zoning by 80% and reduces the time by 90%. This latest release supports 3PAR Federation, expanded ecoSystem and diagnostics and is integrated with SSMC 3.1.
  • StoreFront Remote. I hope to have demos of this in the near future. This is a great complement to SSMC because it delivers anytime/anywhere storage analytics. The benefit for 3PAR customers is that you get unique insights from storage analytics based on configuration data to make better data center decisions. You also get advisories with recommendations and remediation actions as well as proactive wellness which helps you fix problems before they occur.

App acceleration

  • 3PAR iSCSI enhancements. The 3PAR OS 3.3.1 release has iSCIS enhancements. With enhancements to Express Writes, you get up to a 2x improvement in performance. There’s also enhanced multi-tenancy support for duplicate IPs on the same port with different VLANs and a new  combo HBAs for host connection for block-and-file storage give us more ports for greater scale.
  • 3PAR File Persona enhancements. First, let me remind you that 3PAR File Persona is now included with the all-inclusive licensing. There are five areas to touch on:  
  1. Improved file sharing with NTFS security mode and cross protocol locking
  2. Immutable data with file locking to meet enterprise governance
  3. 2X the scale with 64TiB File Provisioning Group – and that’s 4 times greater than EMC VNX system size
  4. Better availability with online file system utility check that complements inherent file system integrity
  5. And Programmatic Management via the Web Services API to automate provisioning and management tasks

If you can't wait to dive deeper....

When I first saw what was included in the latest 3PAR OS 3.3.1, I was overwhelmed with everything in it. And you probably are now too. But not to worry, we have upcoming posts from our experts helping you to better understand all the cool things we've done with this huge announcement. If you don't want to wait to learn more, I've got a number of podcasts and ChalkTalks talk about some of the highlights.  Here's each of those (all videos on YouTube):

Survey says.....

Flash has now been around long enough for there to be plenty of useful information about how it performs with customers, and the folks at ActualTech Media have compiled and charted responses from 1,000 storage users about their experiences with flash vs. spinning disk. You can see all the data for yourself in this report: Flash Insights and Revelations from 1000 Storage Users - Workload Performance and Flash Adoption Sentiment. 

Register for the All Flash Survey.pngexclusive 34 page report here (Registration required)

Download the executive summary here  (Download PDF, no registriation)




About the Author

CJZ Headshot fixed 150 x 150.jpg

I'm Calvin Zito, a 33 year veteran in the IT industry and have worked in storage for 25 years. I am a six-time VMware vExpert. As an early adopter of social media and active in communities, I've blogged for 8 years. You can find me on Twitter as @CalvinZito. If you don't follow me on Twitter, do it now! You can also contact me via email

About the Author


I have worked at HP and now HPE since 1983, all of it around storage but 100% focused on storage since 1990. I blog, create videos, and podcasts to help you better understand HPE Storage.



Not able to download "Report Flash Insights and Revelations from 1,000 Storage Users" even i registered. pdfviewer gives error even i tried different types of browsers. Why HP did not give end user a chance to simply download after registration.



Hi Mustafa, 

Not sure what issue you had but you can download the report along with reading it in the embedded PDF reader.  Just above the embedded PDF, above the scroll bar is a link to download that report. See attached image. You also should have got an email giving you a link to go back to the paper without needing to register again.  If you are still having issues, feel free to email me and I'll send you the PDF. 

download pdf.JPG


Proof read your work!  This article is riddled with spelling and grammatical errors.  I hope the code update was not coded by you.

Chucj Worthy



This is all Great News!! It's great to watch as 3PAR grows in capacity and performance and efficiencies. Are the 3PAR OS users guides available yet? Thanks again for keeping everyone up to date.

Best Regards,

Chuck Worthy

Chuck - I've heard that 3.3.1 releases tomorrow (3.31) - what irony there.  As soon as I have a link for the user guide, I'll post it in the comments.

@User1010101010101010101010 - no doubt about it; I'm the typo-king. I laugh at myself for being a blogger because I never thought that grammar and writing were my strong suit.  I love doing what I do but unfortunately I am hampered by a brain that makes lots of grammar errors and typos. Hopefully readers can see past those blunders and benefit from the content I provide.  I will ask an editor to review and fix anything she finds on my post. Thanks for the feedback. 


Any update when the OS 3.3.1 will be availaible to download for 3PAR 10K.

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