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Unlock the power of your data with HPE storage solutions

We’re ready to give you the key to unlock the power of your data in a hybrid cloud world with HPE StoreOnce and HPE RMC.

Unlock power of data with HPE storage_blog.jpgIt’s time to accelerate your company’s ability to innovate by unlocking the power of your data. This requires a storage data platform that enables you to serve up copies of data efficiently for dev/test and analytics. It also requires you to simplify placement of that data—both on-prem and to the public cloud with the highest levels of reliability and protection from ransomware attacks.

You’ve been telling us: Simplify my ability to manage copies of my data so I can enable my developer and data scientists to put my data to work. Lower my costs. And provide me the highest levels of performance and reliability.  

We heard you! With the latest version of HPE StoreOnce and HPE Recovery Manager Central (RMC), we give you the key to access cloud benefits and leading-edge uses cases to deliver on the vision of data that’s accessible anytime and anywhere.

Managing copies of your data with intelligent storage

With RMC, you are now free to create highly efficient database clones for test/dev and analytics or for migrating to the next application database release. You can copy these same snapshots to a backup appliance in your private cloud, and send differential data from previous copies over to the public cloud for long-term retention and disaster recovery. What’s more, you have the ability to quickly find and extract key data directly from the cloud in the event of a compliance need or an on-prem physical or virtual disaster. 

What’s more, the combination of HPE RMC, HPE StoreOnce and HPE Cloud Bank Storage delivers these and many more use cases as a seamless extension of your on-prem mission-critical application deployment, delivering data and cloud benefits. 

Put your data to work efficiently

As a starting point, HPE RMC is included in every HPE 3PAR StoreServ and HPE Nimble Storage[1] system and tightly integrated with your workloads to simplify data management and management cost. Think of it this way: You can automate copies of your data under a single policy so you don’t end up with multi-tier secondary copy data sprawl. While live and updatable clones of your production databases are being created, you’re not consuming additional storage space or slowing down your application performance. In fact, your zero footprint clones are running at production speeds through high I/O delivered by all-flash 3PAR and Nimble storage.

Protect your data reliably

Going beyond database cloning, RMC combines the speed of taking nondisruptive snapshots with the reliability and efficiency of deduplicated backups on StoreOnce backup appliance. A physical StoreOnce can be sitting in your private cloud or a virtual StoreOnce (StoreOnce VSA) can be sitting in a public cloud to deliver a converged availability and fast backup and recovery solution for the database, all easily managed by your DBA. As a bonus, this data is effectively shielded from ransomware attacks and complies with the industry’s best practice 3-2-1 backup rule. If you’re already using a third-party backup software, no worries. HPE StoreOnce integrates with industry leading software to provide higher levels of efficiency in data protection tasks. 

Oh, and although this may seem slightly off subject, it’s good to recognize that your mission-critical data that was replicated to the cloud is always accessible in the cloud regardless of the availability of a physical on-prem StoreOnce device.  This is a big deal and a key differentiator from competitors. We can all think of a million scenarios where the equipment in our physical on-prem datacenters are either inaccessible or in some other way disabled.  Don’t forget, the whole idea is access to your data wherever and wherever.

Leverage the cloud cost effectively

Data stores on HPE StoreOnce can be copied to object storage targets in the cloud such as Microsoft Azure Blob storage and Scality with HPE Cloud Bank Storage.  This enables low-cost, long-term off-prem archive of your data with a quick disaster recovery solution that escapes the burden of tapes and off-site facilities. When disaster strikes, you have the option to restore application services via cloud instances or access critical data directly from the cloud, regardless of the status of your primary data center. Your data protection solution seamlessly stretches across on-premises and the cloud.

So, while a seamless hybrid cloud environment seems ideal, let’s face facts: You can’t ignore the cost of uploading and downloading data when using public cloud object storage. Cloud Bank Storage addresses this by deduplicating data and using S3-optimized object storage compression and transfer algorithms.  These algorithms greatly reduce the overall costs. In fact, the combination of Cloud Bank Storage with StoreOnce delivers up to 5x lower cost[2] over a five-year period when compared to third-party software backups to the cloud.

Don’t wait to unlock the power of your data

With HPE’s free license of RMC married with HPE 3PAR and Nimble all-flash storage, you can access a revolutionary world of application and cloud-integrated secondary storage use cases. By deploying RMC for a pittance of a price, you’re ahead of the game in placing your mission-critical data where it best fulfills your needs and where it gives the largest economic benefit.

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Parissa Mohamadi HPE Storage.jpegMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Parissa Mohamadi, Data Protection Solution Product Manager, HPE Storage. 


[1] HPE RMC is included in every HPE Nimble Storage  system as of January 2019.

[2] Data Protection in a Hybrid Cloud Environment” Lab Insights by Demarktek and Evaluator Group.

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