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When all else fails, HPE RDX local backup could be your only data lifeline


In today’s hybrid IT landscape of cloud storage, cheap bandwidth, and heavyweight backup appliances, surely continuing with a strategy of having remote teams take care of their own backups is just playing with fire? It's time to escape the maze.

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There is no one to police a corporate backup policy and little time or skill to actually make daily backups amid an array of backup choices. So isn’t it time we brought remote data protection back under the principles of the data center?

Ever since we woke up to the vulnerability of data to accidental loss or deliberate hacks back in the 1980s, there’s been a running debate fuelled by storage providers advocating that their storage solution is the right way to go.

Every solution has its place and it would be irresponsible to claim that innovations like cloud have rendered conventional models based on tape or disk obsolete. In fact, in the context of distributed organizations managing remote sites of all shapes and sizes, it’s quite the opposite. With little to no formalized backup policy in place, and no one with the skills or time to make sure backups and off-site transfers happen daily, remote sites are especially vulnerable to accidental data loss, theft or ransomware attacks.

HPE has rigorously defended our insistence that both tape and disk still have an important backup role to play in Remote or Branch Office (ROBO) environments.

Tape-based systems, however, do involve some specialist know-how and can be expensive in smaller locations. HPE RDX storage, on the other hand, offers incredible scope as a robust, long-term solution able to cope with the mounting volumes of data being created at the business edge.

HPE RDX is the easiest protection solution for data being created at the edge - small offices or home offices with little or no IT resources. HPE RDX is a comprehensive data protection solution simple to deploy in limited resource environments.  

A remote team member with little IT background can easily pick up an HPE RDX and quickly backup data out of the box.

Don’t be fooled by its simplicity, by the way. HPE RDX is anything but low-tech.  

Because RDX features:

  • Ability to work with a multitude of business-class software programs and OSs
  • Embedded SATA connector protects against static
  • Inner buffers in the cartridge and the dock to minimize vibration for sustained transfer rates
  • Cartridge style design that enables easier portability and less data transport risk (so you won’t lose your data over an accidental drop)
  • Fixed disk mode to sustain your drive letter and provide an easy way to integrate with existing Windows Backup and other backup software applications

Add a disaster recovery strategy by rotating cartridges off site, and there you have it. In an era of increased data vulnerability for remote sites, HPE RDX may be the one thing you can count on when all else fails.

Watch now and see how to escape the maze with HPE RDX for your remote or branch office:

profile photo.jpgMeet Around the Storage Block blogger Doug Cirruzzo, WW Product Manager, HPE RDX. In addition to product management, Doug provides category sales and marketing support, working with partners and customers across North America. Doug’s passion for SMB sales has helped him achieve continued success across the IT industry in various roles. 


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