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Re: 10GB and 1GB Fibre ring network - 2930M / 2530

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10GB and 1GB Fibre ring network - 2930M / 2530

HI there , I have a client that has a 10GB ring network . They have 1 GB ring wehere the access switches connect to. There are 2 comms rooms with 2 core stacks,


The core switches are 2930M with SFP+  , access are 2530 

They would like redundancy on both links and both links will carry same vlans.

So for the 10GB ring , LACP , no problem

For the 1GB ring , LACP in the middle  but if you connect this in you are causing a loop if you dont plan properly.

My concern is that i would probably need to LAG the 10GB and 1Gb together otherwise it will be a network loop and if STP shuts wrong connection , you may have a section offline.

But creating LAG with 10GB and 1GB not a good idea?

This is my main issue.


The Idea is that there is a 10GB backbone with an active / passive firewall cluster.

So if one main comms room goes down , the second will take over and we use the 10GB network between servers and racks and 1GB for worksations/thin clients/wifi throughtout the site but with redundancy.


WHat would you suggets we do?

Will try upload a diagram  asap.

Hope this makes sense

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Re: 10GB and 1GB Fibre ring network - 2930M / 2530

!! think i am just telling the client , same vlan , different speeds just not a good idea

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Re: 10GB and 1GB Fibre ring network - 2930M / 2530

Hi! Link Aggregations (what HP calls "Port Trunking" on the ProVision/ArubaOS-Switch OS based switch series, historical or current) can't be formed using ports running at different speeds and different modes. It's admitted to use different media types (e.g. 10Gbps copper and fiber optic) even if the tendency - the usual way - is to use identical media types (either Copper ports or Transceivers on supporting SFP/SFP+ ports) when forming a LAG/Port Trunk.

Not clear your current/desired network topology. For sure, a diagram would be of help.

I'm not an HPE Employee
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