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Aruba 2930f - how do you enable ip routing?

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Re: Aruba 2930f - how do you enable ip routing?

It's quite clear the OP already had all the relevant information [*] to perform a proper switch configuration (Route of Last Resort included, as initially told), the default gateway configuration line is practically not relevant once the routing is now it's a matter for him/her to understand how the routing between end-devices on VLAN 1 and 2 and the Firewall (and vice-versa) is going to be tested...check edge devices (their IP Settings), disable their OS firewalls (if any), check the Fortigate logs to see if there are incoming packets from VLANs and evaluate its responses (traffic back).

[*] "In the first case go with ip routing and then you will just need to instruct the Aruba 2930F with a Route of Last Resort in order to route all packets to all other non local destinations via your FortiGate 80C Firewall which acts as next-hop (ip route mask via Clearly your Firewall will need how to get back to VLAN 2 ( and usually this can be achieved by configuring a static route on the Firewall (something like via otherwise VLAN 2 will be inaccessible by the Firewall being that VLAN behind the Aruba 2930F (remember: the FortiGate is on your VLAN 1 [*] so it already know how to reach hosts in that VLAN)."

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Re: Aruba 2930f - how do you enable ip routing?

You guys are awesome!  I've now got it working.  Both VLANs are able to ping each other, as well as get access to the Internet.  I will now do some googling on implementing ACLs and continue the config to match our production needs.  Thanks a lot!