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Aruba - voice VLAN and tagging

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Aruba - voice VLAN and tagging

Wonder if I can get some guidance.

We have voice dedicated switches which have an uplink to a commander switch which also has uplinks from data dedicated switches, we have two VLANS, one for voice and one for data, QOS is enabled on all the voice switches and the commander, on the voice switches I have the ports untagged for the voice VLAN except the uplink which is tagged on the uplink port and the corresponding commander switch port, should I also be tagging the individual ports? My logic is that they will be tagged on the uplink and because it's a voice only switch there is no need to tag them on the individual ports because there is no data contending for priority? Or have I misunderstood this.


Re: Aruba - voice VLAN and tagging

Hello rdovey,

this is correct, You don't have to tag the traffic on the access ports. Defining a vlan as "voice" vlan is enough, the switch will do the needed automatically.


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