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Re: ArubaOS-switch, Radius not reachable

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ArubaOS-switch, Radius not reachable

Hello Folks, 

I'm Deploying Clearpass to secure the wired access layer, doing 802.1x and MAC-auth. 

I have different access switches such as: 2620(OS version 16.01), 2930M (16.07), 

I configured correctly the swutch and cppm, but I stopped by a switch feature that allow device to access the network in case the cppm servers are not reachable for, 

I wanted to under stand what is the main difference between: 

- Unauth-VID (supported from 16.01 + and can be used in both 2620 and 2930)

- Criticial auth (16.05+ and supported by 2930)

- Open auth (16.04+ and supported by 2930)

what are best practice to follow in case of cluster unreachable. 

NOTE: I don't want to provide access to a device to specific VLAN if it failed to authenticate (access reject), 


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Re: ArubaOS-switch, Radius not reachable

Hello @Ayoubmp , I suggest you to open a thread about this topic also on Aruba Airheads Community - Security forum section here, it's likely there you will found a broader audience with experience about Aruba Clearpass Policy Manager.