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Excessive CRC% Alignment error

New Member

Excessive CRC% Alignment error

I have HP Switch 5412Rzl2 core switch on my network and I alwayes get this error notification Excessive CRC% Alignment error on port E1, end E module is Fiber connections


Honored Contributor

Re: Excessive CRC% Alignment error

Hi! Try to be a little bit more described only the issue outcoming...without the whole scenario it's difficult to help try to contextualize your problem.

Please, provide:

  • output of show modules CLI Command (sanitized by obfuscating S/Ns)
  • output of show version
  • output of show flash
  • output of show tech transceviers (sanitized by obfuscating S/Ns) <-- especially for E1
  • output of show interface E1 detail (taken BEFORE and AFTER a clear statistics ethernet some point, you should indeed clear ethernet statistics for port E1 to see if related CRC errors' count is rising or not after the statistics reset)
  • describe WHO/WHAT is connected on the far end of port E1 (OK, fiber optics...but what...the peer is OK?)
  • describe HOW E1 is connected (OM3 Multi-Mode fiber optic cabling? Patch cables are certified? Cabling is certified?)
  • output of show running configuration interface ethernet E1 (to show us HOW that port is currently configured)
    • output of show lldp info remote-neighbour ethernet E1 (to understand what your core hears on the other end of E1)

Start with that...