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HPE 2530-24G Switch(J9776A) Update Firmware Guide Needed

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HPE 2530-24G Switch(J9776A) Update Firmware Guide Needed

Got this unit 2013, had never update firmware ever since. Currently at YA.15.10.0003, ROM YA.15.09
Badly need guide on GUI web, as i'm a idiot on telnet / direct console.


Re: HP 2530-24G Switch(J9776A) Update Firmware Guide Needed


Download the firmware file to your PC.

Open a web GUI session with the switch and make sure that you are logged in with manager credentials.

In the GUI go to System-- > Updates/Downloads.

On the bottom of the page you will see the section “Software image” with Primary and Secondary partition.

You should select which image/partition you want to update. The switch can use either of them. You don’t need to have the same version in both partitions. You can keep an older version in one of the partitions so you can quickly downgrade if you have issues with the new version.

After clicking on button “Update” against the selected partition, the switch presents the Button “chose a file”. Clicking on it gives you the opportunity to select the firmware file you want to install from a folder on your PC. After the file is chosen click on “Save”. The switch will display a message that the file upload is in progress.

After the upload is finished you should see the new firmware version in the selected partition. However in order to activate the software you need to reboot the switch from the partition that you updated. I couldn’t see an option in the GUI to select from which partition to boot. There is a button REBOOT which doesn’t provide this options and will reboot the switch from the partition from which the switch was booted the last time. If you updated the same partition from which the switch booted the last time, booting from the GUI should update the version.

If you are not, you should go to the CLI and enter the following command depending on which partition you updated.

Boot system flash primary


Boot system flash secondary

The switch will reboot and will run the new version.

Alternatively, if you don’t want to go to the CLI, you can update both partitions and reboot the switch via the GUI.

You have now YA.15.10.0003, this instruction should apply to the GUI in this version.

If you update to some of the latest versions, the look of the GUI will change and this instruction will not apply any longer. However for the new webGUI there is a good documentation in the Aruba Basic Operation Guide, Chapter 3 SwitchUI.

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Re: HP 2530-24G Switch(J9776A) Update Firmware Guide Needed

Thanks very much. Got it to work

One more question
*Can the backup config file from firmware version YA15.10 load in the latest YA16.08 ? if no what should I do ?



Re: HP 2530-24G Switch(J9776A) Update Firmware Guide Needed


The FW update should not reset the configuration to factory defaults. So when you update the FW the existing configuration settings are preserved and it is not necessary to restore a configuration backup. 

If you lost the settings for some other reason or deleted them before the update, I dont think that restoring a configuration backup made under YA.15.10 should cause any problems. Problems can appear if the configuration is using feature which are available in one version but not available in other. All the features in YA.15.10.0003 should be supported by YA.16.08.x.

If it fails for some reason, you can try to manually restore the settings. Open the configuration file in a text editor and copy all the settings. Open a CLI session with the switch, if you see the prompt > type enable and login with manager credentials then type configure terminal. The prompt should change to something like


You can try to paste the content of the configuration file at this prompt. One line at a time or all together

Observe if the switch displays any errors.

enter show running-config and compare if this what is displayed matches what you see in the configaration file. Save the settings with the command write memory

HP-2530-48G(config)#write memory

This should work for the majority of the settings.


I am an HPE employee

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